Beyoncé 2016 Formation Tour
Beyoncé (center), pictured at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, Feb. 7, 2016, will be heading around the world during her “Formation” concert tour. Getty Images

Queen Bey is back. And she’s taking on the world one continent at a time during her 2016 “Formation” tour, which kicks off in April. But how does a Beyoncé fan score a ticket to the most-sought-out concert of the year?

Well, if you missed the presale of “Formation” ducats, you’re not out of luck. According to Ticketmaster, there are still a few tricks members of the BeyHivé can use to obtain golden tickets when they are released to the general public Tuesday, Feb. 16.

1. Create an Account Early

First and foremost, Ticketmaster advised music lovers to establish accounts that allow them to choose their favorites musicians. This gives the ticket-selling company a chance to alert consumers when tickets to concerts they might be interested in go on sale.

2. Preregister Your Information

Ticketmaster also advised consumers to preregister their billing information so they can fly through the checkout process. And if your address has changed or your credit card has expired, you better update your info quickly because every second counts when it comes to buying Beyoncé tickets.

3. Find a Private Wi-Fi Connection

It’s important to bear in mind that shared Wi-Fi networks will slow down the ticket-purchasing process, which is why logging onto a private network will help you beat the ticking clock.

4. Buddy Up

After you score a Wi-Fi password, find yourself a Beyoncé–loving co-worker or friend to help you land a ticket. But keep in mind that Ticketmaster will cancel your cart in the event you use more than one browser because it will make you look like a bot. So, instead, multitask by using its app.

5. Fewer Is Better

Trying to buy in bulk will weigh you down. According to Ticketmaster, your odds become better when you search for fewer tickets. So, split up.

6. Check and Double Check

Additional tickets could be released “from one week up to a few hours before the big event.” So keep on the lookout.

7. Verified Resale

OK, so you didn’t get a ticket. But luckily for you there’s still Ticketmaster Verified Resale, which allows sellers to put unwanted tickets back on the market and thus gives buyers extra shots at attending the concerts of their dreams.

Happy hunting, Beyoncé fans!