Though the mass migration of global citizens and Northern-Eastern snowbirds down to sunny Miami may have seemed like a crisis-born trend during the Covid-19 pandemic, Miami’s bustling real estate market clearly still has plenty of gas left in the tank as the world enters its post-pandemic reality. With the median list price of Miami properties boosted by 23.8 percent year-over-year from 2021 to 2022 – and home values forecasted to soar by 16.2 percent across the next 12 months – real estate transactions are undeniably booming down in the Magic City, with no signs of slowing down.

Danny Hertzberg
Danny Hertzberg Danny Hertzberg

It’s not difficult to see why Miami properties are such a hot commodity; with no state income tax to speak of, plus local government leader Mayor Francis X. Suarez acting as a champion for the embracement of cryptocurrency across the Floridian metropolis, Miami possesses seemingly boundless financial incentives for both the traditionalist purchaser and the tech-savvy Millennial buyer alike who want a piece of Miami’s increasingly-lucrative real estate pie.

As one of the founders behind Miami’s leading real estate agency – and the United States’ top-selling team across the country – The Jills Zeder Group at Coldwell Banker, Danny Hertzberg has unparalleled expertise on the ins-and-outs of Miami’s red-hot property market. As the son of Jill Hertzberg, one of the city’s own real estate icons, a heightened acumen for facilitating real estate transactions quite literally flows through the blood in Hertzberg’s veins, with Hertzberg’s inherent skills helping propel The Jills Zeder Group to achieve more than $2 billion in residential property deals.

Despite his legacy in real estate, Hertzberg took his time to enter the industry, first acquiring his JD MBA from the University of Miami’s law school while still lending a helping hand at The Jills whenever he had a spare chance. Upon passing the bar in 2009, Hertzberg committed himself to the group full time, using his legal prowess and knowledge of real estate technology to propel The Jills to new levels of success. In fact, Hertzberg’s nuanced understanding of modern tech marvels has been instrumental to the team’s success over the past decade, evolving The Jills’ marketing efforts away from print ads and toward a massive digital overhaul including email marketing campaigns, an increased online presence, SEO strategies, and ever-important social media outreach on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As one of the early adopters of virtual social networking in real estate, Hertzberg saw the potential of these platforms from a mile away; and after securing a $14 million deal off the back of a tweet, Hertzberg is seen as an industry pioneer in leveraging social media for business purposes – a trend you’ll be hard-pressed to find other agents to not follow more than a decade later.

Hertzberg’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; in his late 20’s, Hertzberg was given a nod onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list for real estate and made it onto the South Florida Business Journal’s 40 under 40 list ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, and is regularly featured as a commentator on CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, lending Hertzberg’s expertise to the world at large with his expert insight.

With numerous high-profile deals behind him – Hertzberg had a hand in The Jills Zeder Group’s record-breaking $75 million sale of a Star Island property, the most expensive real estate transaction in Miami history, and accomplished the highest price per square foot in a Miami home after helping develop it from the ground up – Hertzberg’s resounding impact on the Miami market is palpable. As Miami is expected to enter yet another barrier-breaking year of vibrant property transactions, expect Hertzberg and The Jills Zeder Group to be behind the helm of some of the city’s most high-end real estate deals of the moment.