The “Castle” Season 8 finale became a series finale when the show suddenly got cancelled last week. The ABC drama was prepared for a ninth season, which would’ve happened without Beckett, but the writers had a backup plan, too. A short scene added to the end of the episode allowed fans to know that Beckett and Castle lived happily ever after.

The finale showed the couple going after Loksat. After an action-packed hour of set-ups gone wrong, truth serums and getting kidnapped, they took down Mason (Gerald McRaney), who Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) believed to be the wanted man, and the couple headed home. Too bad Loksat wasn’t actually Mason.

Castle started to wonder why Loksat burned Caleb (Kris Polaha) in his car when he had an incinerator he could've used. Just as Castle voiced his thought, Caleb was revealed to be alive. He broke in and shot Castle. Beckett immediately defended her husband and took out Caleb, but she gets shot too. Castle and Becket held hands, despite their life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Had the series been renewed, this would have been the end, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Luckily, an extra scene was filmed for the possibility that this would be the series finale. Their apartment was filled with toys and three small children running around. They sat down for breakfast with Castle and Beckett, and everyone looked happy.

So what did fans think of this ending? Well, a lot of viewers noted that it was rushed, but it seems like many were very happy with the alternative to Beckett dying.

Not everyone enjoyed the “Castle” series finale, though. Plenty of viewers were upset that the show didn’t have a proper ending, something planned in advance, saying they thought the final scene was sloppy.

If the fans are lucky, there might just be more to the story. “Castle” creator Andrew W. Marlowe hinted that he wants to write a book series to give Castle and Beckett the ending they deserve.