Carrie Preston has revealed what made her agree to play the character of Polly on TNT’s crime drama series “Claws.”

In a recent interview with TVLine, Preston said that “Claws” writers and series creator Elliot Laurence assured her that Polly’s backstory is going to be fascinating, and that more than anything else was what convinced her to take the role. “They said something like, ‘Her past is going to be way more interesting than the fiction she creates for herself,’” the actress recalled. “So I thought, ‘Alright, I’m in!’”

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On the outside, Polly seems like a picture-perfect Southern belle, but she’s actually a compulsive liar with a criminal past. “Well, as you’ve probably noticed from Elsbeth Tascioni (Preston’s character on ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘The Good Fight’), I like to play characters that are unpredictable and mysterious — and have one thing going on, on the surface, and a totally different thing going on underneath.” Preston told Variety. “Polly, obviously, is no different. As matter of fact, she’s probably the most layered character that I’ve ever played. People don’t really know what to believe. She is someone who is creating a lot of fiction for herself and for the world.”

With “Claws” already renewed for Season 2, Preston teased that fans are going to know more about Polly’s backstory moving forward. “She must have many, many past lives that maybe we’re going to get to explore as the series goes on,” she said.

As to why she thinks people are rooting for Polly despite her complicated personality and shady past, Preston told FanFest News: “I think people are surprised by her and want to see what she has up her sleeve next. She’s an identity thief not just in the practical sense but in the metaphorical sense too. She steals people’s personalities and their voices. At least that’s how I’m choosing to play her. To delight the audience and keep them wanting more, at least that’s what I hope. It’s amusing as well as interesting to see how she’s going to get out of a situation, what tactics she’s going to employ.”

“Claws” Season 1 finale, titled “Avalanche,” airs on Sunday, Aug. 13, at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.