Girl Meets World ending
“Girl Meets World” ended with appearances from everyone in both Cory and Riley’s worlds. Disney Channel

Riley has officially met the world after three seasons. “Girl Meets World” aired its series finale on Disney Channel Friday, and the emotional episode featured the Matthews family contemplating a life-changing move to London. Though Topanga has an exciting job opportunity, her decision isn’t an easy one.

The episode, titled “Girl Meets Goodbye,” starts when Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) remember that they used to have a third best friend…until she moved across the street. They aren’t sure their friendship can survive the distance. Maya isn’t the only one that’s depressed. It’s all of their friends.

Cory (Ben Savage) assures Riley that Topanga (Danielle Fishel) is going to make a good decision. They come home to find that she has called in reinforcements to advise her. Everyone from “Boy Meets World” is there. Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), Harley (Danny McNulty), Minkus (Lee Norris) and all of Cory’s family, including both versions of Morgan (Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway), are there. “I don’t think we’ve ever been in the same place at the same time,” the brunette Morgan says. The blonde Morgan agrees.

Shawn (Rider Strong) points out that leaving Philadelphia brought him a wonderful family with Katy (Cheryl Texiera) and Maya. Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) interrupts for a brief moment to say how happy he is for Shawn. He says that he regrets not ever adopting Shawn, and it looks like Shawn won’t make the same mistakes. He hands Maya adoption papers. “I’m Maya Hunter,” she smiles.

Brunette Morgan assures Auggie (August Maturo) that his family is listening to his opinion, even though he is the youngest. She tells him that sometimes people have to leave. That’s when she steps aside for Blonde Morgan to give advice. Auggie is thoroughly confused by the two Morgans situation. (“Boy Meets World” fans aren’t though. Morgan was replaced halfway through the series. Both actresses returned.)

Mr. Feeny, of course, has the advice they really want. The teacher wants them to go, but he remembers that Topanga didn’t follow his advice about Yale, either. He knows she’ll make her own well-informed decision. Eric (Will Friedle) tells Topanga to just listen to her heart and find her favorite quiet place.

Riley’s friends gather at Topanga’s and tell her how much they care about her. Maya, however, is still in denial. Josh (Uriah Shelton) comes to comfort Maya, and she realizes that her best friend in the world is actually leaving. Lucas (Peyton Meyer) takes Riley outside for a chat. It isn’t exactly a breakup, but he promises that Riley will always be fondly remembered as his first girlfriend. Riley hopes he becomes a vet, and Lucas hopes she stays the same optimistic person she has always been.

In one last scene at the bay window, Riley and Maya find Auggie and Ava (Ava Kolker) saying goodbye. The girls sit down after the young ones leave, but there isn’t much to be said. “Goodbye Riley,” Maya tearfully says.

Cory takes Riley, Maya and Auggie to Topanga’s, where they find Topanga herself sitting in a dark corner. She found her quiet place and reveals she has made her decision. “You’ve always done what’s best for us, so do this one for you,” Cory says. Her family promises they’ll be fine and they won’t talk her out of this decision.

Topanga knows that London could be excited. “The place I love running is this place that we’re in right now. Where you’re friends come in and you plan the best next steps of your life, like we’re doing right now. This is my bay window, and I’m not leaving it.”

The episode ends with Cory recalling what he once told Josh in the finale of “Boy Meets World,” which is complete with flashbacks, of course. He told Josh and he tells Riley that the world will teach her lessons and give her the friends and family she relies on. “Girl meets world,” Riley says.

“Now I get it,” Maya adds.

Riley asks Maya to make her one promise. “Time and distance have no power over us. You and I are together for as long as we live,” Riley says. They call out “thunder” and “lightning” one last time before the series ends.

Though Disney Channel didn’t officially cancel “Girl Meets World” until earlier this month, the episode makes it clear that the cast and crew had some idea the show would be ending. Creator Michael Jacobs is hoping to find a different network that will pick up the show.