World of Dance” host Jenna Dewan Tatum recently shared some details from her eighth anniversary celebration with husband Channing Tatum.

During her recent appearance in “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” the professional dancer said that they went to a wilderness camp in Michigan with their 4-year-old daughter, Everly. “The first two days she was like, OK, you know we were in a cabin on the lake with really nothing for her to do. Then we found her a wilderness camp for kids. They went camping, learning how to make smores, fishing, sailing. She played baseball with pinecones,” she said.

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But as fun as their wilderness camp trip was for Everly, Dewan Tatum admitted that she and her husband ended up craving internet connection after a few days. “We were like, we’re going to enjoy this. And then, one day I said, ‘I’m going to take a walk,’ and he said, ‘I’m going to take a walk, too,’ and we ended up at the Internet café,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Dewan Tatum also shared some details from the first time she met the “Step Up” actor during their screen tests for the film. “I just went in and went, ‘Oh, this guy is really hot.’ We actually had an awkward scene test, so the fact that I got that movie must have been meant to be,” she said.

In other news, the actress currently hosts NBC’s “World of Dance” where she typically announces the scores of the contestants and interviews them. The hit reality TV competition will air its eighth episode on Tuesday night. The Jennifer Lopez-produced summer television show only has a total of 10 episodes for Season 1.

On Monday, the remaining teams and upper contestants will compete for a chance to bring home the $1 million grand prize. Unfortunately, only two teams and two upper contestants will qualify in the divisional finals depending on what their scores will be. Following the divisional finals, only one contestant from the juniors, uppers and teams will face off in the world finals.

“World of Dance” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.