Two of the biggest forces in pop culture, Disney and Spotify, are officially collaborating on a brand-new music hub.

According to an official release, as of Wednesday Spotify, the number one music streaming service worldwide, will begin offering a designated hub for music from all the Walt Disney Company’s many branches. This includes not just iconic tunes from Disney’s numerous classic animated and live-action musicals, but also original scores from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

The hub is currently available in the US, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Spotify members need only search “Disney” to find it.

“Ever wondered if you’d one day be able to find the music of your favorite talking animals, courageous princesses, and adventurous superheroes all in one place?” the official release asks. “With Spotify’s new Disney Hub you can find all that—and more—right from the search bar. Dreams really do come true.”

Exact details about this deal are scarce at this time. Variety claims that Spotify users have streamed 2.5 billion minutes of Disney content in 2019 alone, so it isn’t surprising that the two juggernauts would work together to streamline fans’ experience with the service.

Per Spotify’s release, the Disney Hub is broken down into several categories: Disney Favorites, Disney Classics, Disney Sing-alongs, Disney Princess, Marvel Music and Best of Star Wars. A section called Disney Hits will offer the most popular Disney tunes of the moment across all categories.