Uber issued two updates to its rating system. Getty

Ratings have been a central part of Uber for its drivers and passengers, but the ride-hailing company is planning several major tweaks to its process. In a post, Uber outlined two key changes that began rolling out worldwide Wednesday.

For UberPOOL carpool rides, where multiple riders can join a single carpool trip, users have traditionally only been able to issue a blanket rating for the trip. Previously, this rating would also negatively impact driver ratings. But now, users can clarify ratings for when they give a trip less than five stars. Trip factors like poor co-riders or a lengthy route to your destination will no longer dock a driver’s personal Uber rating.

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In addition, passenger ratings will now be a lot easier to see. Previously, your Uber passenger rating was discretely hidden in the app but now, it’ll show up right next to your profile photo when you open up the Uber menu in-app. In its post, Uber said it wanted to emphasize that ride-hailing is a mutual process between drivers and riders.

“Drivers do their best to make Uber enjoyable and safe for their riders, and we expect that riders do the same for drivers,” Uber said. “But many riders forget that their driver is also rating them, too, and things like eating in the car, slamming the door, or trying to pile in more people than seat belts can impact whether it’s a five-star experience for drivers.”

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The move is part of several updates Uber has implemented for drivers, including driver complaints and guidelines for rider behavior. The company is also still in the midst of various scandals and controversies ranging from an investigation into its workplace culture to revelations that it targeted Lyft drivers through a covert “Hell” program.