Going on rants on Twitter just got easier. The platform announced a new feature that will allow users to create threads on the platform without having to reply to themselves.

Users on Twitter have long used threads to communicate in long form, since tweets are limited to 280 characters. Twitter recently doubled the limit, which was previously set to a maximum of 140 characters.

The new thread feature was announced on Tuesday by Twitter Product Manager Sasank Reddy. He noted that Twitter users were creating threads, but that it was often a hassle to do so.

“[...] Hundreds of thousands of threads are Tweeted every day,” said Reddy in a post. “But this method of Tweeting, while effective and popular, can be tricky for some to create and it’s often tough to read or discover all the tweets in a thread. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’re making it simpler to thread Tweets together, and to find threads, so it’s easier to express yourself on Twitter and stay informed.”

Before the new feature was announced users had to hit the reply button to their own tweets and sometimes number the posts on the thread to indicate it was a tweetstorm. Twitter is now doing away with that awkward step by adding a special button. The new feature means users will be able to spill out their thoughts in a longer and more organized way.

How To Do Threads On Twitter

Twitter will roll out the new feature on its iOS and Android apps, as well as its Desktop version, in the coming weeks. While people wait for the tool to launch on their devices, Twitter has revealed how the feature will work.

To create a thread a Twitter follow these steps:

  1. First, users can tap on the tweet icon to begin the thread.

  2. Users can then write in their first tweet.

  3. To continue the thread, users can tap on the plus sign on the bottom-right of the screen above the keyboard.

  4. Users can continue to add tweets to the thread by tapping the plus icon until they’re done.

  5. After they’re done, users can tap “Tweet all” on the top-right of the screen, which will publish the entire thread simultaneously.

Twitter account holders can also add tweets to their published thread by tapping on the new “Add another Tweet” button. Twitter is also making it easier for other users to see which tweets are part of a tweetstorm by adding a “Show this thread” label.

People who want to use the new thread feature should make sure their app is up to date.

The new feature comes after Twitter updated its 140-character limit this fall. The platform introduced a circle logo that indicates when a tweet’s limit has been reached.

“This shows that more space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a Tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send Tweets faster than before,” Twitter said in a post at the time.