Jonathan Groff got to sing a lot more as Kristoff in “Frozen 2” compared to the first film. Kristen Bell, who reprised her role as Anna, confirmed in a recent interview that her fellow cast member got to make full use of his singing talents in the sequel.

Groff did get to sing in the 2013 movie, but the song “Reinders Are Better Than People” is quite short. That will change in the sequel.

In an interview with ET Online, Bell said that the fans will “finally” get to hear Groff “really sing!” Groff apparently has the “best singing voice,” but the problem with the first film was that the fans didn’t really get to hear him sing so much, which the actress said was her “one critique” of the film.

“I would listen to him singing the alphabet forever, and he really gets his dessert in this movie,” Bell teased.

There will be a new set of songs in “Frozen 2,” but in an interview with IGN Elsa actor Idina Menzel asked fans not to compare them with the 2013 movie. The actress said that the two sets of songs are “apples and oranges.”

Menzel likes the songs in the sequel. She said that the music is “exquisite,” and that she is “really proud” of it. The fans will also “really resonate” with the audience, according to the actress.

The plot of the upcoming film is about a journey Elsa and Anna have to take to understand their past. Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have teased that the film will explore the reason why Anna was born with powers, and where the parents were going when the ship went down at sea, Entertainment Weekly reported. The parents will also be back for a scene, the directors confirmed, which may be in a flash back sequence.

“Frozen 2” will be released on Nov. 22.

Frozen 2
Anna, Elsa and Kristoff are pictured in a photo from "Frozen II." Frozen/Facebook