With the Hapstall case back on the table and Annalise spiraling out of control, the Keating Five has got their hands full. During Season 2, episode 10 the team did their part to get things back in order after a murderous midseason finale, but is it too late?

According to the synopsis for episode 11, fans are in for a real treat on Thursday, Feb. 18. Things in the Keating household will remain chaotic as the search for their new normal continues. Meanwhile, Annalise (Viola Davis) will continue fighting her demons — which, in this case, have taken the form of a crying infant. The network teases yet another, more in depth look into Annalise's past.

Video showing what's to come in episode 11 suggests that the Keating Five may revolt against their teacher. Michaela (Aja Naomi King) is fed up with Annalise and her unconventional ways. In the video she declares that she is "done doing whatever the hell she says." Meanwhile it seems that Asher (Matt McGorry) may still be struggling to fall back in with the group. During the video he's shown listening intently outside an office where his classmates are chatting about something. The preview also teases a shocking confession from Wes (Alfred Enoch), which brings him to tears. He recalls seeing a lot of blood, though the context of this information is not revealed. Annalise warns him to keep the story to himself before the clip comes to an end.

The synopsis reveals little about what that information may be, but there's plenty to draw on. During episode 10 it was confirmed, once and for all, that Annalise and Wes go way back. The esteemed Middleton University professor spent much of the episode embroiled in visions brought on by her heavy Vicodin use. During a dream early in the episode Annalise hears a knock on the door. She answers and is greeted by a frantic woman with a baby. The woman insists she takes the infant despite her unwillingness and Annalise spends the rest of the episode hearing the child, who is not actually there, crying. She is later visited by Wes — or a vision of him at least — who is demanding answers about her ties to his birth mother. He tells Annalise that he wasn't able to find any information about his mom, but knows that his professor and mentor has something to do with him getting into the school.

There has been previous speculation that Wes' mother may, in fact, be Annalise. During episode 7 Annalise's former lover and fellow lawyer Eve (Famke Janssen) defends her current on-again, off-again love interest Nate (Billy Brown). During the episode Annalise and Eve spend a night together in a hotel drinking champagne and reminiscing. During their playful chit chat the conversation shifts to Wes as Eve question's Annalise's interest in him. Annalise tells Eve, "It's him," leading viewers to believe Wes is the child Annalise gave up.

"HTGAWM" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. Check out a preview for the episode below: