Another Season of “Shark Tank” has begun, and 2019 is promising to be just as exciting as before. While viewers across the U.S. and the globe eagerly watch what new companies and ideas will be featured on the show, there are entrepreneurs who are eager to pitch their ideas as well. Here’s a look at the casting and audition process that will help businessmen get on the show.

The casting process usually begins in January each year, and it lasts up to mid-September, USA Today reported. There are two ways for entrepreneurs to apply. The first way is to go to the website and apply when the casting begins, and the other is to get noticed by the producers during trade shows.

One of the upcoming trade shows that the “Shark Tank” producers will be attending to scout for entrepreneurs is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 11. There will also be some open auditions that will be held on Feb. 6 in Dallas, Feb. 13 in Miami, and March 14 in Los Angeles.

The criteria for applying is that the entrepreneurs should be U.S. citizens, or they should have permanent residency status. Each applicant needs to submit a five-minute video. After the first round of screening, a two member team will interview the entrepreneurs to narrow down the list.

“Shark Tank” receives roughly 35,000 to 40,000 applicants each year. For the current season, the producers filmed 158 pitches, but only 88 of them will be shown on air.

As far as the kind of products that are featured on the show, the producers do look for diversity. There is a healthy mix of different industries like technology, food, and services.

Executive producer Clay Newbill has said that the best way to get on the show is to have a great product that has a proven track record of sales. People who have an interesting life-story to tell, like having overcome challenges, also get a call.

According to USA Today, a couple who made a pitch in the recent episode went back home as millionaires. Daymond John bought the whole company for $3 million. The company Moki Doorstep makes a sturdy metal step that allows short people to reach the roof of their vehicles.

Not everyone gets what they want on “Shark Tank,” but being on the show does help the company get a huge boost on sales. A team from the company AquaVault, which makes portable safes, saw their sales zoom from $87,000 to generating millions per year after being featured on the show, CNBC reported.