how i met your mother
Ashley Williams played Victoria, a love interest for Josh Radnor's Ted on "How I Met Your Mother." screenshot/ CBS

Former “How I Met Your Mother” actress Ashley Williams is moving on from Ted Mosby and her new man is legen -- wait-for-it -- dary! The 35-year-old star has been cast opposite Jim Gaffigan in a new single-camera comedy pilot called “Gaffigan.”

According to, Gaffigan is not only starring, but co-writing alongside “Rescue Me” creator Peter Tolan. The comedy, which is inspired by the 47-year-old’s life, would follow a happily married “and harried” father of five in New York City.

Williams would star alongside Jim as Jeannie, “a super-wife and super-mom, possessing a seemingly unlimited storehouse of energy, encouragement, patience and good humor.” The role of Jeannie initially went to actress Mira Sorvino and the comedy was slated to air last season. However, “Gaffigan” ended up being “retooled” and “re-piloted” with Williams set to take the reins.

The casting news comes at an exciting time for Williams. News broke earlier this month that the actress would be returning to “How I Met Your Mother” to reprise her role as Victoria, Ted’s cupcake making on-and-off ex-girlfriend and almost wife. Fans of the CBS sitcom will remember that Ted and Victoria got back together in season 8 after she left her fiancé waiting at the altar. But her relationship with Ted was short lived. Despite Ted popping the question to Victoria, she broke up with him when he refused to end his friendship with Robin.

Williams will return as Victoria in episode 19 of “How I Met Your Mother,” which will air in April.

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