How I Met Your Mother
A highlight from the "HIMYM" premiere was when Lily met Ted's future wife on the train to the wedding. CBS/How I Met Your Mother/Screenshot

“How I Met Your Mother” fans have been patiently waiting for Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend … and it’s almost here. With a special hourlong episode set to kick off the ninth and final season next Monday, viewers can prepare themselves with a recently leaked episode title lineup.

As we previously reported, the titles for episode 1 through 11 are as follows:

Episode 1 -- “The Locket”

Episode 2 -- “Coming Back”

Episode 3 -- “The Broken Code”

Episode 4 -- “Last Time In New York”

Episode 5 -- “The Poker Game”

Episode 6 -- “No Questions Asked”

Episode 7 -- ???

Episode 8 -- “The Lighthouse”

Episode 9 -- “Mom and Dad”

Episode 10 -- ???

Episode 11 -- “Rehearsal Dinner”

Now, Spoiler TV is reporting that the titles have a few changes and additions. According to the site, episode 9 has been changed to “Platonish.” Episode 10 is now “Bass Player Wanted,” and episode 11, which was formerly “Rehearsal Dinner,” is now “Mom and Dad.” Below are the changes and new additions:

Episode 9 – “Platonish”

Episode 10 – “Bass Player Wanted”

Episode 11 – “Mom and Dad”

Episode 12 – ???

Episode 13 – “Rehearsal Dinner”

Episode 14 – “Slapsgiving 3”

Episode 15 -- ???

Episode 16 – “How Your Mother Met Me”

Episode 17 -- ???

Episode 18 – “Sunrise”

Episode 19 -- ???

Episode 20 – “Daisy”

Lily will be the first one to meet Cristin Milioti’s mysterious “mother” character in the season premiere. A new promo video from the upcoming episode shows that the pair will share a moment while on a train to Farhampton for Barney and Robin’s wedding. According to Entertainment Weekly, the moment will include “cookies, a hug, possibly some biting and several peeks into The Mother’s personality.”

The rest of the group is rumored to be meeting Milioti’s character before Ted does, but now we know that the moment between Ted and Milioti will occur in episode 16, “How Your Mother Met Me.”

“How I Met Your Mother” premieres Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS. What do you think of the current episode titles? Let us know in the comments section.