Barney and Robin’s epic wedding weekend continued on Monday with season nine, episode 10, of "How I Met Your Mother," “Mom and Dad.”

While viewers learned last week that Robin’s mother wouldn’t be making the nuptials, Barney’s lucky enough to not only have his dad, Jerry, in attendance – but James’ dad, Sam, as well! But why does it matter if James’ dad attends the wedding? Because he’s a reverend and can help Barney and Robin out of their pesky “who’s going to marry us?” jam.

But Jerry and Sam’s attendance at the wedding doesn’t put Barney at ease. Instead he’s busy hatching a plan to get his mom and dad back together … despite Jerry being happily married with two kids.

So, what’s the play to get Jerry and Loretta back together? It involves Ranjit, broken stairs and a bucket of water.

Barney hires Ranjit to drive Jerry’s wife to a “parasailing” location while he traps Loretta and Jerry in an elevator (“The stairs are wet. No broken. Yeah, they’re broken"). Claiming him that he’s getting help to get them out of the elevator, he instead begins “setting the mood” by lowering down a bottle of wine, candles, some sexy music and pouring a bucket of water on them in an attempt to get them to strip. But when Jerry tells Barney that they don’t need wine, Barney doesn’t get that his parents aren’t interested in rekindling their love – instead he swaps out wine for champagne.

Barney’s plan gets foiled when James sets Loretta and Jerry free from the elevator. And Barney gets a surprise – he’s not the only one trying to play matchmaker for Loretta over the weekend. It turns out that James wants to see his parents back together as well and is doing everything in his power to see that Loretta ends up with Sam (they both are single, after all).

As Barney and James fight over their parents, Ted’s taking his best man duties very seriously. His latest task as best man is to watch over a signed photo of Wayne Gretzky that Barney wants to give to Robin during their rehearsal dinner. And while it seems like an easy task, Ted discovers that someone wants to sabotage his best man duties.

Coming out of the bathroom, Ted is shocked to discover that the ink bottle for his calligraphy pen spilled all over the photo. And instead of taking responsibility for the messup, Ted decides that he’s been framed.

Breaking out his Detective Mosby gear, Ted tells Lily that he’s going to get to the bottom of the Wayne Gretzky photo mystery. But Lily doubts Detective Mosby’s abilities, referring to a mystery that he’s been trying to solve for eight years – “The Pineapple Incident.”

So, how did a pineapple end up on Ted’s dresser after a wild night? Fans will have to keep on waiting for the answer because a flashback showed that Ted gave up on the mystery the week before (“I’m calling it”).

Back to the Wayne Gretzky photo mystery … Ted has three suspects: “Karate Kid” villain Billy Zabka, the bellhop and Robin’s sketchy cousin, Claude.

Zabka denies any involvement, and reveals that he was getting a massage during the time that the ink spilt. Zabka’s story checks out and the “Karate Kid” walks away … but not before getting one last dig at Ted. “I think ill go have some pineapple,” he says. “How do you know about that?” Ted asks suspiciously. “Everyone knows about that,” Zabka replies.

After Zabka, Ted moves onto the bellhop who he feared sought vengeance after Ted gave him a lousy review. But after the bellhop checks out, the only remaining suspect is sketchy Claude … who has ink on his hands. But in a surprising twist, the ink on Claude’s hands wasn’t from the bottle, but instead from him helping rescue a Rasta hang glider who was captured by a giant squid.

So, who dunnit? Turns out that it really was Billy Zabka. Tired of always being the villain, the “Karate Kid” wanted to get back on Barney’s good side. In order to save the day and look good in Barney’s eyes, Zabka replaced the Gretzky photo with one of himself (he keeps 2,000 signed copies in his trunk at all times) and poured the ink on top.

With Ted finally getting to the bottom of the Gretzky photo incident, Barney faces a harsh truth when he walks outside and discovers that his mom won’t be getting back together with his dad … because she’s back together with James’ dad! Turns out the pair began talking again after James got in contact with Sam a couple years ago. Sparks flew and Sam’s attendance at Barney’s wedding was just the icing on the cake they needed to get back together.

While James is ecstatic, Barney’s a little bummed that there is no scenario that involves a “three-way deal” with both of their dads. However Robin explains to Barney that he has her and that it’s only right that James gets a little happiness.

As the wedding inches forward, Marshall is finally making some progress in getting to Farhampton. Dropping Daphne off at her daughter’s speech, he’s back on the road and headed straight for the hotel.

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