Queen Elizabeth II reportedly disapproved of Kate Middleton’s lack of career before she and Prince William got engaged and tied the knot. But Middleton did not deserve this criticism since she did not stay idle during the years she dated the Queen's royal grandson.

“The Making of a Royal Romance” author Katie Nicholl claimed in her 2011 book that Queen Elizabeth II previously wanted to ask her grandson to postpone his proposal to Middleton. The British monarch apparently wanted the now-Duchess of Cambridge to find a job first and work on her career before tying the knot with Prince William.

The royal expert noted that the Queen had “grave concerns” over Middleton's lack of a profession and identity beyond that of being Prince William's girlfriend.

The author added that it wasn't a surprise that Queen Elizabeth II, one of the “hardest working royals” within the British monarchy, would find it “unacceptable” that a potential addition to their family would be without a career.

Nicholl went on to say that Queen Elizabeth II wanted a future queen and consort for Prince William who knew hard work and did not just spend all her time partying and playing hooky.

“Swanning from one five-star holiday resort to another is not the prerequisite for a young woman possibly destined to be queen,” a source told Nicholl in “The Making of a Royal Romance.”

But while Middleton may not have had the illustrious professional career some expected of a future queen, the Duchess of Cambridge did have work prior to getting engaged to Prince William. After graduating from the University of St. Andrews, she worked as an accessory buyer at British retailer Jigsaw, where she impressed her employer and co-workers with her personality, according to Daily Mail.

"I was so impressed by her," Jigsaw founder Belle Robinson told The Standard in a 2008 interview. "She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the accounts girls. She wasn't precious."

However, Middleton decided it was time for a change of pace in November 2007 and left Jigsaw to work with her parents on their event planning company, Party Pieces. She worked as a photographer, website designer and marketing officer for the company for a year before launching First Birthdays, the firm’s junior brand. She stayed with Party Pieces until 2011, but resigned just before her wedding to Prince William.

Prior to the announcement of their engagement in 2010, the Queen is believed to have advised Middleton to start becoming involved with charities in preparation for her role as a royal. In 2009, Middleton started working with Starlight Children's Foundation, which aimed to help terminally ill youth, The Telegraph noted.

Nowadays, Queen Elizabeth likely has no reason to complain as Middleton is busy juggling her duties as a duchess, her work for several charities and, most of all, motherhood.

Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton
Queen Elizabeth II may have once disapproved of Kate Middleton's lack of career. Pictured: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (left) and Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph on Whitehall in central London, on November 11, 2018. - On the 100th anniversary of the World War I armistice, the day's events mark the final First World War Centenary commemoration events hosted by the UK Government. Services are held annually across Commonwealth countries during Remembrance Day to commemorate servicemen and women who have fallen in the line of duty since WWI. Getty Images/Tolga Akmen