Carlos and Alexa PenaVega’s “Love at Sea” premiered on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, and viewers were treated to a scene featuring Carlos doing some singing. The one who enjoyed it the most, though, happened to be his co-star and wife, Alexa.

The actor kickstarted his career on Nickelodeon’s long-running musical series “Big Time Rush” and as a member of the real-life band of the same name. He hasn’t done too much singing since, making his cover of Frankie Valli’s “Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You” in this Hallmark movie all the more special for fans. As for Alexa, it was memorable for a different reason.

“I had no idea I would feel this way, but he sang it live, every single time, right there on set,” Alexa told International Business Times. “So, we’d do like 20 takes, and he would sing every single time, for every set-up. But the first time he did it, the camera’s right on him, and he was looking at me, and for whatever reason, I just start crying.”

love at sea singing
Carlos PenaVega looks over at Alexa PenaVega in Hallmark Channel’s “Love at Sea.” Jeremy Lee/Alexx Henry Studios, LLC.

It felt like such a special moment she was sharing with her husband because, she told IBT, “You always see those cheesy moments in the movies, but in real life, how often does the guy come and sing to you?”

Since Carlos doesn’t normally do that, Alexa shared, she felt like she had her own “movie moment inside the movie.” As a singer herself, as well, she didn’t even feel the desire to join in on the song. She was so proud of him and only “wanted to kiss him” because of how special and beautiful it was.

How did this “Love at Sea” scene even come about in the first place? It turns out, the song choice was an important reason it became a reality.

“All of a sudden Hallmark was like, ‘You’re gonna sing in this movie,’ and I was like, ‘Ahh OK, OK, we’ll see,’” Carlos told IBT. “Then the writer had this awesome song choice and to me, it’s a song that I’ve known since I was super, super, super young. I told them, I said, ‘If you guys can clear this song, I think it’ll be a great add-on to the movie, so let’s do it.’”

Well, they were able to get it cleared, and Alexa was able to get her special movie moment.