Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle shouldn't be considered a wicked witch by royal fans, claims a journalist. Pictured: Markle visits the Royal Variety Charity's at Brinsworth House on December 18, 2018 in Twickenham, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Meghan Markle has reportedly gone from being a breath of fresh air to a wicked witch, claims a columnist.

Jeremy Clarkson, a journalist for The Sun, recounted a time when Markle came out in public without tights and royal fans were excited because she seemed like a breath of fresh air. What she did at that time was a radical departure for the Royals.

During one of the parties she attended, the Duchess of Sussex was also photographed with burgundy nail polish, and this got everyone excited once again. But after a couple of months, everyone suddenly decided that Prince Harry’s wife is a “witch.”

Weeks ago, it was reported that the “Difficult Duchess” made outrageous demands even before her wedding to Prince Harry. She was also rumored to be bossing her husband around and fighting with Kate Middleton. Even though Markle never confirmed or denied the reports, her royal staff’s decision to resign somehow supported the negative stories about her.

And Markle’s ongoing feud with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., has not helped. The 74-year-old has done a slew of interviews and has revealed that his daughter has been ignoring him for the past couple of months.

During his recent interview with “Good Morning Britain,” the former lighting director even went as far as to plead with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles to help him out so that he could speak to the “Suits” alum. However, his request has been ignored yet again.

“I can’t understand why this is happening. You don’t know her, I don’t know her,” Clarkson wrote.

Clarkson said that royal fans should not hate Markle because she is simply a pretty girl who is married to a former Army officer, who will never become King. As a result, Markle will have less impact on the public’s life than Middleton for instance.

The columnist said that hating Markle is actually ridiculous, cruel, and heartless.

“And unless she proves me wrong by going around at night urinating on homeless people, it needs to stop,” he concluded.