Rumors continue to brew in regards to how much pressure Meghan Markle had to put on Prince Harry to get him to move to Los Angeles. While many sources are saying Meghan pushed the decision, a new source is claiming that the Duchess of Sussex may not have done as much persuading as others think.

"Harry would do anything she wanted even when she was just a USA actress,” the insider told The Sun in an article posted Thursday. “She then was able to extend her circle thanks to their relationship and bring names like Oprah and Serena Williams to their wedding. He was smitten and star-struck over the whole thing. I don’t think she had to twist his arm to move to Hollywood."

The couple’s move from Canada came during their final days as senior members of the royal family which officially terminated on March 31.

"I think she always wanted to be back here, she always dreamed of the full-blown Hollywood lifestyle and this kind of clout,” Meghan’s former friend explained. “And I don't think it was even that hard to persuade Harry.”

However, the source did note that Meghan’s royal ties will likely benefit her career and aspirations.

"This is the ideal result for her - she comes back to Hollywood with a prince to show off and getting to pick and choose who she wants to work and socialize with rather than the other way around.”

So far, the duchess has already earned herself a voice-over role in the Disney Nature documentary “Elephant.” As previously reported, Markle fits nicely into the California culture.

“It always made more sense for the two of them to be in L.A. at least part of the time,” she explained to Access Hollywood. “The lifestyle in L.A. is very much something that Meghan’s buys into. She loves yoga. She loves pilates. We know that she’s very healthy and I think it would be a really wonderful place to raise a child.”

Rumors suggest that Harry and Meghan are staying in a $20 million mansion in Malibu, California. The estate is believed to be located near the property Princess Diana was planning to live in with boyfriend Dodi Fayed prior to their deaths in 1997.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Markle wave from the Ascot Landau Carriage during their carriage procession on the Long Walk as they head back towards Windsor Castle in Windsor, on May 19, 2018 after their wedding ceremony. Getty images/Aaron Chown