Prince William and Prince Harry have previously spoken about their close relationship with Queen Elizabeth, but there was a time when the monarch didn’t feel connected to her grandchildren.

While Queen Elizabeth grew up during a time where royals hired staff members to cater to their needs, her grandchildren grew up in an era where royal parents were more hands-on and had fewer staff members in their household.

A report from 2016 claimed Queen Elizabeth invited her grandchildren Harry, William, Zara, Peter Phillips, Eugenie, Beatrice, Lady Louis Windsor, and James over for dinner, but she had trouble bonding with the group.

At the time, Elizabeth’s Queen’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson told the Daily Express that the monarch feared her grandchildren were too busy helping the servants to hold a conversation with her.

“She said to me that she found it really difficult. Because they didn’t really know how to talk to each other,” she explained.

The lack of social exchanges throughout the evening made Queen Elizabeth fear her grandchildren lost the art of conversation.

Lady Elizabeth Anson claimed the monarch said, “I suppose it’s because they’re always getting up and down, and helping somebody, and putting something in a dishwasher, or whatever they’re doing. They don't have enough staff.”

Although there were times the Queen struggled to talk to her grandchildren, it didn’t harm their relationship. During a 2012 interview with TV personality Katie Couric, Prince Harry spoke fondly of his grandmother.

“[She is] really, very, very normal. Very relaxed, but you know she also takes a huge interest in what we all do. She wants to know which charities we are supporting, how life is going in our jobs as such,” he shared.

Over the years, Queen Elizabeth has shown her support for her grandchildren. The monarch is often spotted attending events like their weddings, holiday gatherings and christenings.

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