Princess Diana played outrageous pranks on Princess Michael of Kent.

The Princess of Wales and Princess Michael of Kent don’t share a great relationship. According to royal experts, Princess Diana enjoyed playing pranks on her palace neighbor and actually did it several times.

Daily Mail royal correspondent Richard Kay revealed on Amazon Prime’s “Princess Diana – The Woman Inside” documentary that Princess Diana liked a joke and had particular targets. Among those on the receiving ends was Princess Michael of Kent.

According to Carolan Brown, one time she brought a thong for Princess Diana. At the time, thongs were just coming into fitness-wear fashion and the People’s Princess was very happy to wear it.

“Diana rushed out in a very revealing gym kit and surprised Princess Michael as she and a whole bunch of rather stuffy friends were going off to the races,” Kay continued.

“She wanted to embarrass them – which I think she did achieve!” Brown added.

One time, Princess Diana and her friend Simone Simmons put on green avocado face-packs and played another prank to Princess Michael. They thrust their faces together out of the window like a pair of Martians as Princess Michael get into a grand car to go somewhere important.

Simmons also revealed that one time Princess Diana asked her if she wanted to take a “beautiful cat” from the palace come.

“This cat’s very, very unhappy living with Princess Michael, as is everybody else who lives there, so would you please take her home with you?” Princess Diana told her.

It turned out that the cat had a micro-chip and Princess Diana reportedly laughed telling her “wouldn’t it be funny if we both ended up in prison?

“She didn’t like Princess Michael of Kent and the feeling was mutual,” Simmons added.

The two royals had a ferocious row. Princess Michael of Kent also made harsh comments against Princess Diana. She reportedly said that the People’s Princess was merely a “womb” for Prince Charles. She also claimed that the Prince of Wales was jealous of his wife’s fame.

Lady Gabriella’s ex-boyfriend Aatish Taseer claimed that Princes Michael is a racist and added that she doesn’t approve Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle because, for her, it’s a bad idea for a royalty to marry commoners.