Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for e-commerce services has increased over the last two years. Customers are doing most of their shopping online on platforms like Shopify and Amazon from the comfort of their homes.

For e-commerce expert Rashad Stewart, this is the best season for an investor to explore and grow their e-commerce store. And he is willing to show them how.

Rashad's entrepreneurial pursuits on the Internet began in 2017 when he was still working a full-time 9-to-5 job as a software engineer. His first store was an all-natural cosmetic beauty brand and another was a women's lingerie store.

Encouraged by the success of the two stores, he started a couple of dropshipping stores in 2018. This time, he was unlucky and no sales were forthcoming. Since he could not be there all the time, getting people he could trust to manage the businesses for him was another challenge. He ended up losing $20,000 instead and losing sleep many nights due to the frustrations.

His desire to quit had never been so strong. Instead of giving up, though, Rashad started networking and reading to discover where he was going wrong. In 2020, at the height of a global pandemic, his relentless efforts paid off. He started succeeding with Amazon and Shopify sales.

In seven months, he managed to generate seven figures with his Shopify dropshipping store and started posting his results on social media. Due to the increased need for e-commerce services, many business owners started contacting him for help with their stores, and he realized he could grow his business further.

Rashad Stewart

In 2021, he created Ecom Inspired to do just that. Instead of going through the headache Rashad had gone through three years earlier, he was offering investors a "ready to use" solution. They could build a steady source of passive income while dedicating their efforts elsewhere as Rashad and his team did all the work.

Since Amazon only allows one seller account per person, Ecom Inspired would partner with the investor, open the store in the investor's name and manage everything involved in the business. They would then split the profits with the investor. Six months after the business opened, it had scaled to $700,000 and employed 20 employees in the US and overseas.

To people with aspirations of making their way to the e-commerce space, Rashad shares two thoughts.

One: take your 9-5 as a training ground for what is ahead. Be the best at what you do regardless of how small you feel your role is. When you finally start your own business, those habits will go with you and help you succeed faster.

Two: you don't need to wait until you can finally leave your day job to start your eCommerce business. There is the "ready to use store" option but you can also do it as a side business. In his early days, he had a lot of late nights and early mornings. Sometimes, he was fulfilling orders at 6 am before work and then later he'd work until 1 am.

Currently, Rashad is working on expansion plans for his team. He is also considering moving to a larger office in Atlanta and purchasing more warehouses. The way he sees it, the eCommerce space will only get bigger with time. This is the best season for investors in need of passive but profitable streams of income to make their moves.