In the past two decades the role of an entrepreneur has changed significantly in relation to the digitized age of the Web and social media. Before today’s digital resources, people had to put much more at risk when starting a new business or pursuing a lucrative career path because the business environment was not always known. In other words, today “an entrepreneur must go through significantly fewer steps to test out and adopt newer technologies.” Moreover, marketing and advertising also did not have nearly as much of a reach as it does now. In turn, there has been much greater efficiency in how businesses and people communicate, making way for greater innovations, opportunities, and possibilities.

Technology has given entrepreneurs broader audiences and consumer bases due to their ability to plug into the global market. One aspect of technology that has a significant role in this is social media, in which marketing new businesses has never been more feasible. Networking is a vital part of any business venture, and entrepreneurs can utilize social media to reach consumers and people in their niche with much greater ease. Three different entrepreneurs who have found success in their field with the help of technology and social media is Luiz F. Costa Macambira, Justin Nelson, and Dr. Zack Zaibak.

As the CEO, Publisher, and Editor of Forbes Monaco, Luiz F. Costa Macambria has extensive experience and success in the entrepreneurial realm. His take-off venture was with his commodity trading business founded in the 90s in Miami, Florida. With this accomplishment he became known as the “King of Coffee” after he essentially cornered the Russian coffee market. His next venture would hone the power of media, as Forbes Monaco is now the authority voice on the economics, business news, and luxury lifestyle for Monaco and much of the Mediterranean.

Luiz F. Costa Macambria
Luiz F. Costa Macambria Luiz F. Costa Macambria

The beginning of Forbes Monaco was in 2017, after Cosa Macambria was very much immersed into the ‘Monaco Club,’ which is what the Côte d’Azur locals refer to as their elegant and high-class lifestyles. Originally from Brazil, being fluent in five languages has given Costa Macambria a worldly perspective, dealing with many different environments, cultures, and people. In turn, he was able to expand his media group format by overseeing other Forbes subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Through Costa’s ability to manage media in a proficient and effective way, today’s media platforms have enabled his vision to reach audiences throughout Europe.

At just 25 years old, Justin Nelson has applied his entrepreneurial skills to the real estate realm for almost a decade. Starting at just 16 years old working under his father’s real estate company, he was able to apply his perspective and knowledge with social media to the company’s marketing and lead generation efforts. After getting his real estate license in 2016, he already made an impressive $360,000 in CGI in just 16 months. Then, after five years in the family’s business, hundreds of lead generations, and dozens of closed deals, he took himself to the road to teach his ways.

Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson Justin Nelson

It was because of Nelson’s success with applying social media to real estate that he was able to visit 135 locations throughout the U.S. to teach over 10,000 realtors how to do the same. In his own words, “Speaking is by far my biggest talent…I love speaking and can sell anything to any audience when the offer is right and the need is there.” His passions for communication and networking, along with his ability to hone in the power of today’s technological resources, he has made himself the ideal entrepreneur in today’s environment. So much so, that he created Sphere Rocket VA that is meant to take the idea of remote work and virtual assistance (VA) to the next level. Within just four years of its start, it has already accumulated 1,400 active clients in the U.S. and 2,300 virtual assistants. Nelson is looking forward to continuing the reach of Sphere Rocket VA as he makes the most out of today’s digital age.

Moving over to the health and cosmetic realm of business, Dr. Zack Zaibak is one of the leading practitioners offering Lumineers as veneer treatments. With a motivation to help people in a unique way, he wanted to bring out the best in people’s smiles. Working with all kinds of patients whose smile is particularly important, including celebrities, pageant queens and active-duty service members, he has amassed a great network and reputation for himself in the field. To him, seeing confident and happy smiles come out of his work is what motivates him the most.

Using today’s dental technologies, such as Lumineers and Invisalign, he is able to provide these smiles in a non-invasive manner, compared to previous dental methods. His motto to “Bring smiles back” and his extensive educational background and experience has allowed him to serve under many dental organizations that represent his field. Some include the American Dental Association, the American Association of Hospital Dentists, the Academy of General Dentistry, and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as others. Also taking advantage of today’s power of digital networking, he utilizes social media to share ‘before and afters’ of his work. This allows for people to see the type of results they are looking for from a dentist. As for his next venture, he aims to place his second cosmetic dental center in Dubai, reaching whole new audiences.

Luiz F. Costa Macambria, Justin Nelson, and Dr. Zack Zaibak are all example entrepreneurs who used today’s digital realm to make the most out of their work. They applied social media tools and the importance of networking to expand their reach and achieve great successes in their own way. They are looking forward to continuing advancing in their field.