A family may be the smallest unit in society, but they can achieve great things when combining their efforts and resources. Families run many successful companies. By drawing on the sense of loyalty among family members, companies can have a strong team bonded by blood, love, and a goal to rise together. When starting a family business, family members will be in good company, in a literal sense. Let's learn how to give a family business a competitive advantage.

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Give Your family business a competitive advantage

Family businesses have a unique selling point that makes them stand out from their competitors. Through the combined effort, they can attract and retain clients. The following are some of the things that family members can do to give their family business a competitive advantage:

Strengthen Family Values

As a family unit, there are shared values that have been embedded. By strengthening these values and applying them to a family business, families can thrive in the business world. Hard work, loyalty, resilience, and empathy are good values. Family businesses are bound to experience success if they apply good values to their business.

By appreciating their internal relations and synching them in their business, customers will enjoy the family business's experience and atmosphere. No family is perfect. Tension may be expected. However, the focus should be on staying together as a family and building the business.

Management Practices

To retain employees the family business needs to have good leadership and management practices in place. Employees do not leave bad jobs. They leave bad bosses. Due to the nature of the relationships between people in a family business, the environment will usually be friendly and approachable. The employees should be seen as part of the family. This helps them take ownership of their role. They have an opportunity to develop their skills and the company when they are supported by management.

Strive for Excellence

Although the dream may have been turned into a reality by the founding member, the company should still realize profits even in their absence. Turn the family business into a continuous success by investing in the employees' training and development, and the family members directly engaged in the business.

They should know the ins and outs of the business. By advancing to a level of mastery, the company will be the best in the field. An example would be a family business in the restaurant industry. If the pizza recipe has been passed from generation to generation, it can improve its current recipe or perfect its food execution.

Leave a Legacy

An individual gets to leave a mark in this world by leaving a legacy. By focusing on the business and not keeping up with the Joneses, one can live a fulfilled life and leave a legacy. Some family businesses have been successful and operate while meeting the brand's standards, from one generation to another.

Toyota, Wal-mart, Samsung, and IKEA Group are examples of successful family businesses. To visualize their dream, family members think of the future and what they would like to have their family associated with.

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Have a Succession Plan

Retirement and death are inevitable. However, the company should not die when the founding members leave. To stay in business and secure the market in the long run, a proper succession plan needs to be put in place. The family members left to run the company should have a clear set of duties. Having a business continuity plan will give the family business a competitive advantage.

Simple Organization

Maintaining a simple organizational structure and not having too many bureaucratic processes in place makes work more comfortable. Changes should be quick and effective; only the necessary people should be involved in the decision process. To move fast, a family business needs a simple organizational structure and a clear focus on its priorities.

Adapt to Change

There are advancements in almost every industry. Successful family businesses are not left out or left behind when such changes happen. Customers are more demanding in this era. They know what they want, and they have many options available, so a slight mishap or a bad experience may make them shift from one company to another. If a tweak needs to take place, adaptive businesses apply it quickly and willingly. Change helps them to stay competitive and relevant in the market.


By building good relationships, family businesses will be able to improve their situation. Having good relationships within the family increases loyalty, support, and affection. Having good relationships with customers increases sales and retention. Giving the family business a competitive advantage and securing the market requires combines efforts. Together, the family can be the change. Together, the family can make a lasting impact.