Before Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew publicly announced their split. The Duchess of York was staying at the royal residence in Balmoral. While the private getaway wasn’t an issue, her behavior during the vacation humiliated her then-husband and embarrassed the royal family.

During the trip, Ferguson, who is also known as Fergie, was photographed sunbathing topless. What made the photographs even more scandalous was images of financial manage, John Bryan kissing her feet. Seeing as Fergie and Andrew hadn’t announced their split, it looked as if the Duchess of York was cheating on her husband.

In the 2019 Channel 5 documentary “The Royal Family at War,” an old interview revealed Fergie admitted she was to blame for embarrassing the royal family during her marriage with Prince Andrew. “I think I have made huge faults. Don’t we all make huge mistakes?” she told the journalist.

After the scandalous photos were published in the press, Fergie was shunned by the royal family. “Sarah was never welcome at Balmoral again. She was never welcome at Christmas with the Royals again. She was outcast and that was clearly very difficult for her.” royal correspondent Katie Nicholl revealed.

Since the scandal, Fergie revealed she has become more mindful of the behavior that once publicly humiliated Andrew. “It has made me very much more thoughtful and trying to control my spontaneity a little bit so I don’t fall into awful great, big poo traps. The ramifications are too much for me to cope with.”

Prince Andrew and Fergie share two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. Although the ex-spouses have managed to remain close following their divorce, some members of the royal family still haven’t forgiven Fergie for the embarrassing scandal she caused.