Did you know that you can become an entrepreneur with just $1,000? Do you also want to start your business with a small investment today, instead of waiting until you have a sizeable capital? You are in luck because you're about to hit the ground running.  

Small capital investments are a great way to get your feet wet in the business world, most people can raise the amount quickly, and you would not need to worry about losing an enormous investment if your business fails. No need for massive debts to raise this money, too. In fact, you are making a low risk, high reward gamble, and who wouldn't take a shot at that, right? Many people are already doing this and there are small businesses that have already made millions from these business ideas.

With that said, put on your CEO hat and let's get to business!

1. Build a Website Development Company

Web Developer Web development needs very little resources to start off Photo: Pixabay

Ecommerce has become the preferred mode of buying nowadays and for most businesses, content is king for marketing products. All these businesses need a website. This is where you come in. If you have the skills, you can build a web development firm. With just a laptop and a stable internet connection, you're good to go. 

You can easily make up to $100 per hour and build a solid clientele as you go along. You can even advertise your business on freelancing sites like Upwork. What's that? You don't have a background in web development? No problem! 

Goskills has an introductory course you can try out if you are an absolute beginner to web development. It is a great way to grasp basic concepts and some very important techniques of web designing.

After this course, you will have a sound understanding of HTML and CSS, which will allow you to take a deeper dive into web development and possibly start your own boutique development firm, eventually.

2. Start a Printing Business From Your Home

Ecommerce site Become an e-commerce mogul with an easily set-up website Photo: Pixabay

Why not let your printer make you some money while you sit in the comfort of your own home? All you need is a laptop, a good printer with ink and varieties of paper. Your business can include printing photos, stencils, screen printing and office printing. You can host an ecommerce site for as low as $205 per year, and printers are cheap these days. You can also sell accessories such as stencils, photo frames, mugs and T-shirts as well. 

Online printing is only one among hundreds of ecommerce businesses you can start on a budget. Find your talent and you can sell your products online.

3dcart is a great tool for anyone looking to build an ecommerce website. This website builder can put your brand in the spotlight and provide your customers with an experience they’ll love. You can also use 3dcart to build any kind of online store completely integrated with the rest of your site.

Try 3dcart free for 15 days before you start your journey of hosting your very own ecommerce site.

3. Become a Business Concierge

Business concierge Connect businesses to experts Photo: Pixabay

Small businesses need experts for different things. Budding startups may need a web developer, mid-sized companies looking to hire employees need HR consultants, and firms of all sizes actively seek marketing consultants. If you have excellent relationship skills that help you connect with people, this is a wonderful business to start. If you are good with LinkedIn and know how to make connections, you need little else to get you going.

You can pick up these skills from the internet and books. With a laptop, a great website to market yourself and a LinkedIn account, you are on your way to becoming a business matchmaker today.

4. Become an Influencer/Travel Blogger

Traveler Put your travel expertise to good use and make money too Photo: Pixabay

If you love traveling and you can help people get valuable tips and information they need based on destinations, this business is for you. Get a website for as little as $4 per month, get your backpack and your laptop. That’s all you will ever need.

You can post travel tips, talk about destinations, suggest ways your audience can get cheap air tickets and many more. Launch a website using GlowHost and use an affiliate marketing account such as Shareasale to make more money by adding affiliate links to your blog. Lastly, create social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as a YouTube channel to increase your following. 

Starting a business does not require huge capital. All you need is the right mindset and patience to see your business grow. Sure, there will be many pitfalls along the way, but that is the life of an entrepreneur. Every large corporation had to start small.

Remember, everyone has ideas. The hard part is doing the homework and being able to execute the idea. With all confidence, we believe you have what it takes to do just that!