In the midst of its ninth season, “American Ninja Warrior” is seeing better athletes than ever before. The designers of the course have kept up, making the obstacles more difficult as the competitors get better each year.

That’s why only one person has ever won the $1 million grand prize, completing all four stages in the finals. Even to have success in a qualifying round takes a special kind of athlete.

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“To be a ninja warrior, you have to be stealthy, athletic like a ninja. You have to have intestinal fortitude like a warrior, and I think you have to have pride,” “American Ninja Warrior” host Akbar Gbajabiamila told International Business Times. “If you have that type of mentality, take pride in what you do, that you’re athletic like a ninja and have the intestinal fortitude as a warrior, you’ll be successful. But you have to be mentally tough, mentally sharp. Especially when you see all these competitors who go prior to you. Some will have success, a lot of them will have failure.”

With its growing popularity, the show brings out all kinds of potential competitors. While many of the hopefuls were once professional athletes or even competed in the Olympics, others have regular everyday jobs.

People from all walks of life have been successful on the show, but Gbajabiamila believes those who have some kind of professional or collegiate athletic experience have an advantage.

“Another thing is being able to perform with the bright lights on and the cameras going,” Gbajabiamila, a former NFL player himself, told IBT. “That’s brand new to a lot of these ninjas. A lot of them don’t know how to operate when you have thousands in attendance and millions watching around the world. Nobody wants to fall in front of all these people, that’s a lot of pressure. College athletes, football players and basketball players, they’re used to that kind of attention and being able to operate under that type of microscope. Not the average person.”

Akbar Gbajabiamila
“American Ninja Warrior” host Akbar Gbajabiamila, pictured at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 24, 2016 in Indianapolis, picked Tom Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. as two NFL players that could succeed on the show. Getty Images

As a former defensive end that weighed in at well over 250 pounds during his playing days, Gbajabiamila certainly would not be an ideal candidate to go from the NFL to a successful run as a ninja. Even being over 200 pounds can be considered big for someone trying to complete the course.

A couple of current NFL players, however, stand out for Gbajabiamila as potential athletes that could do well on the show.

“I think an Odell Beckham Jr. would do well,” Gbajabiamila said. “Because when he gets in his zone he cannot be stopped, period. One of the most athletic dudes, just watch him on Instagram. He does all this soccer stuff and he does flips. The dude can do whatever he wants.”

A poll of NFL fans might get a similar answer. Beckham has been one of the league’s best receivers since being drafted three years ago, and he’s able to do things that seemingly no one in NFL history could have ever accomplished. His now famous catch against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 23, 2014 is considered by many to be the best ever.

But Gbajabiamila also suggested that an unlikely candidate might be able to handle the course.

“You know another person that I think might be able to do well, and most people might not see this, is Tom Brady. Tom Brady could have some success because he is a competitive dude. He is super competitive. He might not look like the most athletic dude you’ve ever seen. Tom Brady could do well as a ninja warrior.”

As great as Brady is, and he might be the best NFL player of all time, his athleticism is low on the list of reasons why he’s won five Super Bowl championships. He’s never rushed for more than 110 yards in any season, and most other starting quarterbacks would be considered more mobile.

Realistically, few NFL players, if any, could even complete the “American Ninja Warrior” qualifying round. It takes a certain type of training, and the ability to simply jump high or move a lot of weight doesn’t automatically translate onto the course.

Without doing any training at one of the many American Ninja Warrior gyms that now exist, it’d be hard for even the world’s greatest athletes to keep up with the show’s top competitors.

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“Don’t just work out to work out,” Gbajabiamila said. “You gotta start ninja training. If you’re going to be a ninja, you have to do ninja training. And so many people think ‘eh I can kind of do basketball and lift weights and I’ll be ready for the show.’ No, no, no, no. Don’t disrespect it. Don’t disrespect the game like that. You can’t disrespect the game.”

“American Ninja Warrior” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.