• “The Walking Dead” will return to television with its Season 10 finale on Sunday, Oct. 4
  • The episode features the highly anticipated war with the Whisperers
  • “The Walking Dead” Season 10 finale is expected to feature the death of a main character

“The Walking Dead” will return to television on Sunday, Oct. 4, with its Season 10 finale, which will reveal the fate of several key characters following the war with the Whisperers.

“The Walking Dead” Season 10, episode 16, titled “A Certain Doom,” will pick up right after the events of episode 15, which saw Ryan Hurst’s Beta leading his horde of zombies to the hospital where a group of survivors is holed up.

“The Walking Dead” Season 10 finale will air on AMC on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. This will be followed by the premiere of its spinoff “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.”

A special episode of “Talking Dead” featuring the cast and crew of “World Beyond” as well as “The Walking Dead” will begin at 11:21 p.m. EDT.

Meanwhile, fans do not have to wait for the television premiere of “The Walking Dead” finale to find out what’s in store for the survivors in “A Certain Doom.” The episode is already available on the AMC+ and AMC Premiere streaming services.

“A Certain Doom,” directed by executive producer Greg Nicotero, was originally set to air on April 12 but was postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The episode will feature the highly anticipated return of Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan).

In an earlier interview with AMC, Cohan revealed that her character has undergone a tremendous transformation, and viewers will be greeted with a new version of Maggie.

“There are definitely things she will have picked up on the road and there’s also the relationship with her son and how growing with him has affected her,” she said.

“It’s a nice surprise to come back to these changes, understand what motivates her return, what happened while she was out there and who’s still going to be here when she returns. We have a lot to unpack,” she continued.

Fans might get to see more of Maggie’s transformation in the next few episodes.

The episode is also expected to feature the death of a key character.

Lauren Cohan
"The Walking Dead" actress Lauren Cohan appeared at an AOL Build event on Feb. 9, 2016 in New York City to share some details about the show's Season 6 return. AOL/Gino DePinto