How you can leverage your business technology and website to increase your revenue
How you can leverage your business technology and website to increase your revenue Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

When properly channeled, technology can improve the performance of your company significantly. The use of technology may be for the advancement of processes that you already have in place. Others can call for a readjustment to reap the benefits of business technology.

Proven ways to increase revenue with technology

Digitally manage projects

Technology has made it possible for business owners to stay on top of their projects by tracking time spent and progress achieved. Using web-based project management tools such as Basecamp, Manymoon and Podio, you can now work effectively with your teams and share access to documents even when you are not working in the same office space. Apps like Roambi can read your business data, analyze it and convert it to sharable reports.

Technology-based productivity applications are tools that can increase business productivity at a low cost. All you need is a mobile device or your computer to install the apps. Many of the productivity apps are offered free of charge or are free of charge for a specific level of service or a certain timeframe. These productivity apps save loads of time when operating a business, especially a remote company.

Utilize web-based payments


Web-based payment systems help companies succeed by sending and receiving payments online. Due to various payment methods available and their versatility, web-based payment has allowed many companies to add new consumers. By offering multiple web-based payment methods, consumers will have more options to pay for your product or service.

Utilize firewalls and backup programs

Malicious malware reports and hackers are affecting businesses all over the world. Many companies that have been victims of a data breach suffer damages because consumers no longer have confidence in them and the brand's credibility. The consequences of a loss of data can be costly for organizations of any scale.

As an executive, be careful and use corporate firewalls and backup software to recover and continue business operations -- these methods used by Artificial Intelligence (AI) detect suspicious files and applications. Using firewalls and backup programs can protect you and your consumers.

Utilize analytics

Google Analytics is a hot tool for measuring user engagement and loyalty, particularly for small or medium-sized organizations. It provides you with statistics that show how committed and loyal your active user readership is, which you can then interpret to increase your conversion rate. You may use it more directly to reach a particular audience from the fan base of your rivals. Stealing the customers of your competitors would mean accelerating your business growth.

Utilize social media


When used correctly, social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok can bolster a business. Connecting with consumers is essential when developing a company image. Take time to learn how to use social media to your advantage.

Social media is a great place to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy. For only a few dollars, a company can "Boost" their content to reach more people. Companies could also "Sponsor" influencers to drive traffic to their site. Increasing your social media presence is an excellent way to increase company revenue.

Improve your customer service

Excellent customer support is the secret to your success in business. Besides selling your product or service, you can consider the accumulated experience that your customers would have when they visit your store or website. This experience will determine if they will become repeat customers.

Technology can allow you to set up an online help desk to deal with customer problems, arrange appointments, or perform surveys and questionnaires to get input from the customer.

Hire virtual assistants

Hiring a virtual assistant will give your company smart technology solutions a human touch. Digital assistants are readily accessible on freelance platforms and are affordable even for small businesses. They can take on heavy duties and save you time as your company expands.


When you take the time and invest money into your business technology, you will see the rewards. Social media can produce instant results in the form of sales. In contrast, the use of digital management tools will take time to see the benefits. Regardless of which business technology you decide to use, know that the improvements you make will create increased revenues.