Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has 'big' plans to sue CBS. Reuters

Another day, another Charlie Sheen interview.

Howard Stern is the latest to host troubled actor Charlie Sheen and ask all the burning questions. In a 45-minute long segment, Stern asked the Two and a Half Men star questions regarding his porn collection, his goddesses and the gun he accidentally fired into his ex-fiancée's leg.

Sheen addressed a number of hard-hitting questions. He told Stern he does not think the interview rampage he's been on lately will hurt the number of film roles he could be offered.

No, quite the opposite. They've all stepped up in full force and they're really waiting to see what kind of schedule I have -- which is of course dictated by my television schedule. So I'm not worried about the movie side, Sheen said.

He addressed questions regarding his obsession with paying for sex and porn stars.

Stern asked why he paid one porn star $30,000 during the infamous 36-hour bender when her rate was $5,000.

Yeah, but I was paying her for the next seven visits. Come on man. I'm not an idiot.

The two women that live with Sheen, known as his goddesses, became famous from his previous interviews. Sheen explained that they don't all sleep in the same bed.

We're all adults and we've realized that three in a bed is like - you know, we're all not seven. We have two beds in the bedroom and it's a 2-1 switch-off ... They'll take separate beds and I'll have to choose, Sheen explained.

He also explained the incident involving his ex-fiancée Kelly Preston in which she got shot.

She lifted a pair of my pants off the scale one day in the bathroom when she was alone. A tiny little revolver fell out of my pocket, hit the floor, shot through the toilet and it got her leg. It was the dumbest thing I've ever done ... even though I wasn't in the room, he explained. He said he currently doesn't own any guns since they took them all away.

Sheen, who said he is worth about $1 billion said he gets about four to five hours of sleep per night and said he is preparing a tell-all book.