Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) really broke Asher Millstone’s (Matt McGorry) heart during the crossover episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Scandal” by sleeping with Marcus Walker (Cornelius Smith Jr.).

He broke up with her after that, but it’s clear he still loves her a great deal. However, if Marcus were to be more present in Michaela’s life, then Asher would have a tougher time moving past her infidelity.

“I would hope that’s a possibility,” “How to Get Away With Murder” executive producer Pete Nowalk told Entertainment Weekly. “Obviously they’re still finishing ‘Scandal,’ so there’s been no discussions, but I don’t think the Marcus and Michaela story is over at all, so I’m hoping there will be some future story with the two of them.”

There’s also the fact that Michaela reported their fellow law student Simon (Behzad Dabu) to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), therefore getting the Pakistan native deported. It was a harsh move on Michaela’s part, especially since Simon is gay and he would either face death back in his country or a horrible life as a closeted gay person.

“It’s up for debate whether she did the right thing or not,” Nowalk told The Hollywood Reporter about Michaela’s move. “I mean, obviously Annalise (Viola Davis) has done a lot of bad things. She put Nate (Billy Brown) in jail way back when in season one, and Michaela was horrified by that. But part of becoming an adult is to realize you can’t always do the right thing and protect yourself at the same time. So that’s exciting to me ... the student becomes the teacher, and how does the teacher handle that?”

As for Asher, Norwalk is actually very excited how his “anger” will fuel him into becoming a better person and lawyer.

“He’s obviously a really angry guy, and it comes out in crazy bursts of rage, which we’ve seen have resulted in murder. But I’m excited that he gets to come into his own,” Nowalk told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s been a little bit in the shadows of wanting to fit into the group and be the class clown. I think he has a real opportunity here to stand on his own two feet and see if he’s given up too much of himself.”