• The incident took place in Brazil
  • In the video, locals can be seen trying to drag the reptiles away 
  • The locals eventually managed to separate the reptiles 

Video of an anaconda constricting an alligator and trying to swallow it has gone viral on social media, leaving people horrified. The incident took place in a condominium in Brazil.

Dernando Reis, a resident of the condominium, that he was heading back home when he found the huge snake tangled up with the gator. In an attempt to save the gator, the locals were dragging the two reptiles away from the condominium and into the street. The locals eventually managed to separate the reptiles. The gator and the snake eventually got back to the nearby forest from which they had come out.

Meanwhile, the video of the incident showed the anaconda wrapping itself around the gator while also trying to swallow it simultaneously. The locals can be seen trying to drag the snake and gator away by tying a rope around them. It, however, remains unclear how the locals managed to tie the rope around the reptiles.

Several people took to the comments section to express their unhappiness with the locals for intervening.

"Someone [explains] the importance of respecting the food chain to these people," one person commented.

"What was the purpose of the intervention?" asked another.

"They left the poor thing hungry," another person commented.

In a similar incident in Brazil last year, an epic battle between a huge anaconda and a caiman was caught on camera. The series of photographs, captured by wildlife photographer Kevin Dooley, showed the snake wrapping itself around the six-foot-long caiman crocodile in an effort to suffocate it. The anaconda eventually let go of the caiman following which the crocodile bit into the snake. The crocodile eventually died.

"I felt very blessed and very lucky and somewhat sad for the caiman. I never thought in my life I would witness something like this,” Dooley said, Yahoo News reported.

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