A snake catcher was caught on camera removing a huge python from inside a recliner chair. The incident took place in Queensland, Australia, over the weekend.

In a Facebook post Monday, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote, “Its very lucky this Palmwoods family saw the snake going under the lounge or else someone may have got a massive fright when watching TV later on."

"It crazy how a large Carpet Python can still tuck himself away and hide in the arm rest of the lounge. What a day! Sun came out and so did the snakes," the post added.

 A video accompanying the post showed the snake catcher trying to pull out the snake from the recliner. When he tilts the chair, the reptile comes out from its hiding spot following which the snake catcher immediately grabs it and places it in a bag. 

The post has since gone viral with Facebook users asking their friends to "check" before sitting on the recliner. Some also suggested that they would have asked the snake catchers to take away the chair as well.

"I would be saying take the chair and snake and relocate somewhere a long way from here. Let the snake have my chair. He is welcome to it," one user wrote. "Just take the chair. I would never sit it in again anyway," wrote another user.