The residents of a retirement village were shocked when they saw a huge python devouring a goanna. The incident took place at the Churches of Christ Care Sanctuary Park Retirement Village in the Australian state of Queensland last week.

The retirement village took to Facebook on Monday to share details about the incident. “Retirement Community residents got quite the show last week when this carpet python landed on their doorstep. With the drought, many native animals from the neighboring national park are looking for water and food - this reptile found both!”

A photo accompanying the post showed the massive reptile eating the lizard while dangling from the roof of a home. Half of the goanna can be seen hanging from the mouth of the python.

The photo has since gone viral on Facebook, leaving several users wonderstruck.

“Wow the jaws of the snake must be very powerful to hold that lizard/goanna,” a user wrote. “Christmas decorations should have been taken down by now,” joked another user.

The incident comes less than a month after a huge python was caught on camera suffocating a bird while dangling from the roof of a home in the same state. The photo went viral on Reddit with several users commenting that this sight was common in Australia.

Python Pixabay