A huge python entered a guinea pig enclosure at a home in Queensland on Friday and ate the pet rodent.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers took to Facebook to share the incident and also posted a photo in which the snake, a carpet python, was seen curled up inside the hutch.

Warning people to keep their pet enclosures snake-proof, the Facebook post stated, “This goes for chicken coops, bird aviaries, guinea pig enclosures, cat runs and any other pet you may have in an enclosure! This Carpet Python snuck into the enclosure and ate the family's guinea pig. It’s not the snakes fault; he is just getting himself an easy feed.”

The post has since gone viral with several netizens blaming the owners of the guinea pig for the incident.

“Poor guinea pig. Not the snakes fault. Responsibility is on the owners. Doesn't look like poor piggy was living in very clean or safe conditions _ . Hutch needs to be snake proof, and where's the hay or bedding? ! Cage looks filthy,” one user wrote.

“To be honest, look at the condition of the cage the poor piggy lived in anyway. I don't think safety or comfort was on this owners mind for the poor, sweet baby,” wrote another user.

Python Pixabay