The video of a huge snake slithering up a roof in Thailand has gone viral, with many wondering how the reptile could glide up to such a height.

The video was shared on social media by ViralHog last week, with the caption reading: “I couldn't believe that the snake would climb so high.”

The 58-second-long video begins with the snake ascending up the corner of the wall from the beam. The snake's length and thickness would easily scare away any person. As the reptile made it to the top of the wall, a small cat was seen lurking around the roof of the building. The feline seemed completely unafraid of the massive reptile.

The viral video, which ended with the snake making it to the top of the roof, was viewed nearly 30,000 times. While the snake's huge size initially caught everyone's eye, it was the cat that later grabbed everyone's attention.

“I was going to say ‘curiosity killed the cat'. However, upon closer observation, it looked like just another day where the master cat takes his pet snake for a stroll in the garden," one user commented.

Another user commented from the point of view of the cat: “Cat is thinking: Oh good a snake! A short while later: Errrm where is the tail? Even more later: What, still no tail and the damn thing is becoming thicker by the minute? Ohhhhk, best I sneak out here, least I become lunch.”

Some users called the snake “gorgeous” and "beautiful."

It remains unclear what type of snake it was. It was also not known where the reptile was headed or whether it tried to attack the cat that was on the roof.

Huge snakes like these are known to eat small animals, such as pet cats and birds.

Earlier this month, a snake catcher in Australia issued a warning to pet owners after a huge python snuck into a cage inside a house and swallowed two birds alive. The hungry python entered the cage through gaps in its narrow bars, and ate the birds. However, after swallowing the birds, the reptile was unable to squeeze out to escape. Queensland snake catcher Stu McKenzie was called to the house following the incident. "The daughter gave me a call saying she had just got a call from her mum saying a snake has gone into the cage and eaten two beloved birds," Mr McKenzie said in a video posted on his Facebook page at the time. "She was a bit stressed as well, nobody wants to see that situation. Birds are like family to some people."

Burmese python Pixabay