Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine's character for the first time in the "X-Men" movie in 2000, opened up about the filming process. The actor noted it made him feel "sad" and "quite lonely," considering the fact he was mainly a theater artist before.

"There were times when I was doing the first 'X-Men,' my first big American movie, when I found it quite lonely," the 43-year-old actor told The New York Times in an article published Tuesday. "I was mainly from the theater, and you could feel that sense of, 'Mmm, it’s a bad smell.'"

Jackman explained when the studio liked his work and everything changed for him, noting that it made him feel "sad" because the making of a movie was more of an "individual" approach compared to his work on stage.

"I don’t know exactly when things turned, but when the studio said they liked what I was doing, I could feel everyone coming to me. It made me sad," he said. "I realized film was more individual, less of an ensemble. The theater thrives on, and has to have, a feeling of ensemble, or it dies."

The actor also explained how people have each other’s backs while preparing for the stage shows. "There’s just no way to get through rehearsals, or eight shows a week, unless you have each other’s backs."

Jackman has been a regular on stage since 1994. The actor first performed in a stage show titled "The Season at Sarsaparilla" as an unnamed character. He also worked in stage shows like "Thark," "Beauty and the Beast," "Sunset Boulevard," and "Oklahoma!" held in Australia.

However, following his success in the "X-Men" movie, Jackman went on to do stage shows in Broadway theatre, such as "The Boy from Oz," "A Steady Rain," and "Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway." He was last seen in the show titled "The Music Man," which was dropped last year.

Considering his work in movies, the actor will be next seen in the movie titled "The Son." The flick is helmed by director Florian Zeller and it is expected to drop later this year. Jackman will also appear in the movies like "The Good Spy" and "Apostle Paul."

Hugh Jackman
Actor Hugh Jackman, pictured here at the “Eddie The Eagle” screening in Melbourne, Australia, on March 29, 2016, will reprise his role as Wolverine one more time in the yet untitled third standalone movie in the franchise. Getty Images