• Laura Wolfe-Orlovich was last seen on July 15, 2020, when she drove an acquaintance to Chicago
  • After a few days, her daughter reported her as missing
  • A farmer found human remains in a Springfield Township field on Oct. 28
  • The said human remains were identified as hers in December

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a 46-year-old Illinois mother has been solved after the human remains found in a Springfield Township field in October were identified as hers. A man has also been arrested and charged with her murder.

Lynn Ware Jr., a 39-year-old resident of Martin, Tennessee, was taken into custody in connection with the death of Laura Wolfe-Orlovich, said La Porte County Sheriff's Office in a statement as per NBC News.

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Wolfe-Orlovich was last seen on July 15, 2020, when she drove an acquaintance, a man called "Snoop," to Chicago for a family emergency.

A few days later, she was reported missing to the Marion Police Department in Illinois by her daughter, Amber Whitlock, after failing to answer calls.

"My mom's phone is never off. She always has it on, to play music or games. It's her communication. So right away, something felt wrong. It was just alarming," she said.

Amber got in touch with her mother's roommates, who told her that Laura had left with Snoop.

After a couple of days, Laura called her roommates, saying that she was stuck and needed help to get home. But her phone went off before anyone could help. Wolfe-Orlovich was never seen or heard from again.

An investigation was launched and the Illinois authorities got clues that Wolfe-Orlovich had recently traveled through Indiana. On Aug. 21, items belonging to her were found in rural Springfield Township, Indiana.

Two months later, on Oct. 28, a farmer harvesting corn discovered human remains in a field in Springfield Township. The remains were transported to the University of Indianapolis for examination.

The remains were identified as Wolfe-Orlovich's in December. Further evaluation ruled her death as a homicide.

On Dec. 31, Lynn Ware Jr. was taken into custody in O'Fallon, Illinois for Wolfe-Orlovich's murder. Ware was identified as an initial person of interest by the authorities early in the investigation of Wolfe-Orlovich's disappearance. However, his relationship with the deceased remains unclear.

After the arrest was made, Wolfe-Orlovich's daughter confirmed the news on Facebook. "She has been found and is unfortunately deceased. Please pray justice is served for my momma! She deserved so much better than this and will be remembered as the wonderful woman she was!"

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