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Wal-Mart parking lots can be dangerous – especially if you’re a deer.

That's the lesson one stag learned after a Pennsylvania man allegedly shot a 10-point buck inside a Wal-Mart parking lot, AP reports.

Arcangelo Bianco Jr., 40, spotted the deer and chased it around the store’s parking lot before firing several rounds from a handgun, CBS reports. After the deer was killed, he bagged it and brought it to a meat processor.

“Obviously, we can’t have someone running through a Wal-Mart parking lot shooting at a deer,” Jack Lucas, a wildlife conservation officer who investigated the incident told the Indiana Gazette.

And the Wal-Mart deer was apparently a beauty. “It was the nicest buck I’ve seen taken in Indiana County in a couple of years,” Lucas added.

The incident happened last November and was caught on Wal-Mart’s security camera. Bianco faces a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment and several hunting violations.

“He got out of his car and chased the deer down through the parking lot, and I believe even across Route 22,” Patrick Dougherty, the Indiana County District Attorney, told CBS about Bianco’s hot pursuit of the 10-point buck.

“One stray bullet, as we all know, could have wrecked someone’s life,” Dougherty added about Bianco’s actions.

Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t been the only weird Wal-Mart incident.

Last August, a 33-year-old employee ran over a high school senior with his car after he allegedly tried to shoplift a video game in Houston, Click 2 Houston reports.