• Kelly Sills ran past the screening test and argued with security
  • He refused to leave the property when confronted by the manager
  • While being arrested, he suddenly said he would have his temperature taken
  • However, it was too late as officers were already escorting him away

A man from Louisiana, who skipped a temperature check at Disney World and trespassed into the Florida theme park, was arrested for not following coronavirus precautions, an arrest report from the Orange County Sheriff's Office from Feb. 13 said.

The incident occurred in February, but the body camera footage was released only last week.

Police confronted the man, identified as 47-year-old Kelly Sills, right outside The Boathouse restaurant in Disney Springs. He was caught on video running past the screening area, where he could be seen declining a temperature check and having an argument with the theme park's security.

The Disney Springs security manager could be heard in the video saying that someone would have "to go for the day." The security manager was referring to Sills, who was a Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa guest. However, Sills refused to leave the property. A heated argument then ensued.

While the altercation was taking place, Sills asked the person accompanying him to record the dispute on video, but he didn't know that they were already being recorded, a report from The Orlando Sentinel said.

"I paid $15,000. You can't trespass me for paying $15,000," Sills could be heard saying. "If I take $15,000 from you, I can't kick you out. ... Bring me to jail for 15 grand, I'm fine ... In front of my kids, too, at Disney World."

Sills changed his tone once the handcuffs were closed around his hands. All of a sudden, he was trying to reach a compromise by saying he would willingly undergo a temperature check.

"Will you take my temperature before you kick me out, please?" Sills said as per Tampa Bay Times.

However, it was too late as officers were already taking him away.

"They'll do that in jail, sir," an officer appeared to tell him in response.

Sills pleaded not guilty to trespassing, according to a report from NBC News.

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