Later this month, as another holiday approaches, another Charlie Brown holiday special will too. The Charlie Brown Christmas special called “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown,” based on the comic strip by Charles Schulz, will make its annual appearance for those “Peanut” fans out there looking for the nostalgic yuletide bliss Charlie Brown fans are familiar with.

The story follows ReRun Van Pelt (Jimmy Bennett), Linus and Lucy’s little brother, as he attempts to convince Santa Claus and his parents that he should get a dog for Christmas. A lonely, recently suspended from school ReRun is denied his wish and becomes lonelier than ever. Luckily, everyone’s pal Charlie Brown is there to comfort him and insists that he spends time with Snoopy to make him feel better.

For those who have yet to see this 2003 Charlie Brown Christmas special won’t have to wait long at all, as “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown” will be available to watch on Sunday, Dec. 22, at 7 p.m. EST on ABC, as listed on TV Guide.

“I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown” does not appear to be available on streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, or even Disney+. However, you can find the Charlie Brown Christmas movie on Amazon Prime’s streaming app, available for purchase only.

As previously reported, the movie also includes some newer characters casual Peanuts fans may not be aware of, such as Snoopy’s family members. The floppy-eared imaginative dog has a sibling name Spike, a California dog who sports a mustache. In the film, the kids decide that ReRun should spend time with Spike, a similarly lonely character who could make ReRun’s Christmas wish come true.

Set your DVR for this Peanuts Christmas story.

I want a dog for christmas charlie brown
Pictured above is a scene from “I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown." ABC/2003 United Feature Syndicate Inc.