• Donnell Hunter was diagnosed with COVID-19 after getting sick at work
  • He stayed in nine hospitals and doctors said they don't know how he survived 
  • The man had battled kidney failure as a teen and got a transplant almost six years ago

A New Mexico man ended up spending 526 days in the hospital after COVID-19 left him without "energy or the breath to get out of his car." He was first admitted to the hospital in September 2020 after testing positive for the virus.

Donnell Hunter from Roswell in Albuquerque is now ready to go home after a marathon stay in over nine hospitals, reported KOB 4.

"There was (sic) times when I was just scared to go to sleep. I knew I didn't feel good, but I couldn't pinpoint it. Next thing I know, I wake up in the ICU. Then the doctors tell me they don't know how I survived," Donnell told the news outlet.

He added that there were days he and his family thought he'd never make it home.

According to Donnell's wife Ashley, he was diagnosed after getting sick at work. "He was in his car and he couldn't get out of his car. He didn't have the energy or the breath to get out of his car," said Ashley. Donnell had battled kidney failure as a teen and got a kidney transplant almost six years ago.

Ashley said the family went through a lot since he was admitted to the hospital. His children couldn't meet him and Ashley was left struggling to take care of his needs and be there for the children too.

"It wasn't easy. Especially while riding a rollercoaster of news from Hunter's doctors, improvements, then setbacks, and numerous scares. There were many of those times when the doctors would call and tell me you need to prepare for the worst," added Ashley.

Ashley has constantly been updating the GoFundMe page started by her to raise funds for Donnell's treatment. On Jan. 17, she took to give the latest update that he managed to spend two days off the ventilator, using minimal oxygen by nasal cannula. A few days later, he managed to even walk a few steps.

Though he can now go home, Donnell has a long journey ahead of them for his recovery. But, he is determined to enjoy simpler things in life.

"Aww man. Just to hold my kids again, just to look at them, look at them in the eye and just watch them enjoy each other while I enjoy them. God is good and He is still performing miracles," Donnell was quoted by KOB 4.

A Covid patient in the ICU in a hospital outside Paris, France
Representation. A COVID patient in a hospital ICU. AFP / ALAIN JOCARD