Taylor Swift has invited countless celebrities and musicians to join her on stage during her 1989 tour. Nown Ian McKellen has revealed that he had also received an invite from the pop singer to join her concert squad, but he turned it down.

McKellen made the revelation during a recent interview with Gay Star News wherein he shared that Swift invited him and “X-Men” co-star Patrick Stewart to appear in her 1989 L.A. show. Unfortunately, the actor declined the invite. “I had something else to do that night,” McKellen said.

When asked how he felt about being part of Swift’s concert squad, the “Lord of the Rings” actor replied, “I’m not.” McKellen then went on to share how he was once evicted by Swift.

"When I was living in Peter Jackson’s apartment in New York, Taylor Swift bought it while I was there and I was thrown out before I wanted to leave! That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it? You look shocked," McKellen said.

The actor added that the pop singer had “every right” to send him out since Swift had already bought the property. McKellen explained, “I was just lodging there for free!”

According to Us Weekly, McKellen and Stewart were unofficially welcomed into Swift’s 1989 concert squad in July, after the two actors separately performed readings of some of the singer’s songs. McKellen reportedly did a rendition of “Bad Blood,” while Stewart recited “Blanks Space” and “Style.”

After that, the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actor posted a Twitter message to politely ask Swift if they could join her concert team. Stewart wrote, “So @IanMcKellen recited Bad Blood and I did Blank Space on @NPRAskMeAnother. May we join the squad, @taylorswift13?”

The “You Belong With Me” songstress thanked the two actors in response and even uploaded a collage of pictures showing the two friends. Swift accompanied her Twitter post with a message, “Thanks for reciting my lyrics, @IanMcKellen and @SirPatStew. You've made my day. You two are ULTIMATE Squad Goals."

Although McKellen and Stewart never made it on stage with the pop singer, there is still a few more shows left in Swift’s 1989 tour. The singer could reportedly still invite the two or surprise fans with another group of A-list celebrities during her concert.