IBM created a software allowing people to meet in a virtual world face to face.

The new software called Sametime 3d allows people to meet, exchange instant messages, chat verbally and share presentations and ideas in private, prefabricated, reusable meeting spaces located in a variety of virtual worlds.

According to IBM, the new software uses IBM Lotus Sametime version 8.0 and a plug-in designed by IBM Research for virtual worlds. The software is now on test over selected clients and business partners.

This project is part of IBM's ongoing work to redefine the nature of online meetings, said Colin Parris, IBM's Vice President for Industry Solutions and Emerging Business.

IBM is looking for the future of the new software to provide a variety of ways for user to circulate reports to one another that document the meetings' progress The company also promise to make it easier for users to chat verbally and exchange information generated by and for virtual meetings, with traditional computer software already installed on their computers and servers.

The work that takes place during a meeting is hard enough; people shouldn't have to struggle with logistics, Parris said Whether through improvements to Web conferencing capabilities or with special offerings such as Sametime 3D, IBM is offering new ways to engage and collaborate, making meetings more effective and productive.

IBM does not give any specific price but eyeing to release the software by the second half of 2009 but

For a demonstration of the software's capabilities visit: