"Ice Sculpture Christmas" Rachel Boston Interview
Rachel Boston as Callie (left), pictured with David Alpay as David (right), reveals why Hallmark Channel fans will fall in love with her upcoming holiday movie "Ice Sculpture Christmas." Hallmark Channel

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! And what better way to do that by diving into Hallmark Channel’s upcoming holiday movie, “Ice Sculpture Christmas”? Rachel Boston, who stars in the made-for-TV film as Callie Shaw, explained why viewers will fall in love with the sweet and magical story -- just like she did.

“It’s a movie filled with hope, second chances and romance,” the actress told International Business Times before revealing what exactly drew her into the Christmas-themed installment.

“I love Christmas movies,” Boston said, adding that holiday films have played a pivotal part in her family’s Christmas traditions. “I grew up drinking eggnog and watching ‘It's A Wonderful Life’ every Christmas with my family.” So when Boston learned that Hallmark Channel was making a Christmas movie focusing on romance and ice sculpting, she jumped at the opportunity to be involved."

“I was excited,” she told IBT. “When [an executive producer] sent me the script, it made me both laugh and cry, so I was thrilled to be a part of this story.”

“Ice Sculpture Christmas” follows the story of Boston’s sweet and hopeful character, Callie -- an aspiring chef -- as she attempts to whip her dreams into a five star reality. But whilst on her culinary journey, Callie reconnects with her childhood friend, David (David Alpay), who will encourage her “step out of her comfort zone” by taking on a daunting challenge -- one that involves Callie going head-to-head against her boss, Gloria (Brenda Strong) in an ice sculpting competition.

"You could win and prove to Chef Gloria how talented you are in the process that you're more than just a dishwasher," David says to Callie in the trailer for the film.

“David and I had a lot of fun making this film,” Boston said, explaining Callie’s relationship with her handsome co-star’s character in the film. “Callie and David have known each other since childhood, so there's a lot of magic in this relationship. They inspire each other and remind each other of a time when they both had the courage to dream. Before they went through disappointments and heartbreaks as they grew up. They recapture that childlike spirit together again.”

But “Ice Sculpture Christmas” won’t be the only holiday-themed project fans can catch Boston partaking in. The actress, who formerly starred on Lifetime’s hit series “Witches of East End,” confirmed to IBT that she’s working hand-in-hand with Melissa de la Cruz, the author of the beloved, magical book-turned-TV series, “on a beautiful story” that’s also set at Christmas.

“We are really excited about it!” she gushed, revealing that she’s remained close with her “WOEE” cast mates since the series was canceled in 2014. “The Beauchamp family will always have a special place in my heart.”

An “Ice Sculpture Christmas” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. EST.