Bryan Kohberger is escorted to an extradition hearing at the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg


  • A neighbor of Bryan Kohberger said the suspect would make friendly small talk with him
  • Another neighbor of Kohberger said the suspect kept her family awake at night
  • A criminology student at Washington State University described Kohberger as difficult

Bryan Kohberger, the accused of killing four Idaho university students, was eager to make friends and very chatty, according to his neighbors in the college town of Pullman, Washington.

Arun Dash, a 28-year-old engineering student at Washington State University, where Kohberger was taking a criminal justice graduate program, told Insider that he understood why the suspect was eager to make friends.

Dash recalled when Kohberger, his downstairs neighbor in the Steptoe Village apartment complex, approached him to introduce himself.

"He asked me what I was studying, [and] where I am from," Dash said. "He would make just friendly small talk."

Dash's roommate, who wished not to be named, said Kohberger gave him his phone number and repeatedly urged him to hang out.

"He talked to everybody, he was a very chatty person — not charming, but outgoing," Dash's roommate said.

At one time, the roommate urged Kohberger to work out together, noting that the suspect "seemed like a very fit person."

Kohberger declined the roommate's invitation, but he asked him to grab a coffee.

Kohberger continued trying to make conversations with Dash's roommate every time they passed each other, but over time, he began to avoid the suspect because their talks tended to drag on.

The roommate said he would quicken his step to appear he is in a hurry each time he sees Kohberger.

Angela He, another neighbor of Kohberger, described the suspect as an insomniac, adding that he kept them awake at night by intermittently running his garbage disposal.

She said she once thought of talking to Kohberger but decided not to, thinking that the murder suspect would be equally gracious if he would also be kept awake by her crying children.

A bartender at a bar and restaurant near Kohberger's apartment described him as "normal."

Kacia Julius, a bartender at The Land, said she remembered Kohberger because of his height and the last name on his credit card.

Inside the campus, Kohberger had been described as challenging to deal with.

Emelie, a criminology student who had Kohberger as a teacher's assistant, said after the murders, the suspect seemed to lose interest in teaching and began giving his students high grades.

A few days after the killings, Kohberger went to a Pullman medical office for his appointment.

A receptionist at the medical office said Kohberger was only one of few students who kept their appointments after the crime had occurred.

The receptionist described Kohberger as friendly with staff members, and it prompted her boss to react.

The receptionist's boss reportedly said that Kohberger was "so nice and charming."

But things changed when Kohberger was identified by the authorities as the murder suspect.

At the university's Wilson-Short Hall, Kohberger's photo in the framed display of criminology students disappeared, and a ripped paper was found indicating that his picture had been torn out.

Kohberger was arrested last month after he was accused of killing four University of Idaho students in an off-campus apartment house.

Kohberger was charged with four counts of murder and one count of burglary.

He is currently detained at Latah County Jail.

Bryan Kohberger is escorted to an extradition hearing at the Monroe County Courthouse in Stroudsburg