• Idris Elba announced on Twitter that he tested positve for coronavirus
  • Idris Elba encouraged everyone to practice social distancing and to wash hands often
  • Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson might have been infected with coronavirus outside Australia

Idris Elba has tested positive for coronavirus.

The “Luther” actor admitted on Twitter that he got tested for coronavirus and he just got the result and it turned out positive. Elba explained that he has been isolated since he found out about his possible exposure.

The actor said that he decided to get tested for coronavirus after learning on March 13 that he was exposed to someone who also tested positive. He quarantined himself and got tested immediately.

However, he has no symptoms and is doing well. His wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba has not been tested, but is also doing well.

In his video, Elba says that the case is serious and calls everyone to follow social distancing and to wash their hands often because there are people out there who don’t show symptoms and can spread the virus.

“Now is the real time to be really vigilant about washing your hands and keeping your distance, okay,” he continued.

“We’ve told our families, they are very supportive. We’ve told our colleagues. Transparency is probably the best thing for this right now. If you are feeling ill or you feel like you should be tested or you’ve been exposed, then do something about it.”

Elba also acknowledged how divided the people are today. He reminded everyone that “now is the time for solidarity” and “now is the time for thinking about each other” because the pandemic has already affected many people, with some losing the lives of the ones they love. Others also lost their livelihood, so the condition is “real.”

Elba promised his followers that he would keep them updated. “Stay positive and don’t freak out,” Elba concluded.

Before Elba, Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus. The “Cast Away” actor made the announcement on Twitter, too.

Officials from Queensland released a statement and said that the new patients in the states are non-contact cases and could have “contracted the illness outside Australia and traveled to Queensland with the virus,” so Hanks and his wife were probably infected in the United States or while traveling to Australia.

Idris Elba
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