Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea shuts down rumors claiming she is dating Odell Beckham Jr. Pictured: Azalea on May 18, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Contrary to reports, Iggy Azalea is not dating New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Not only did the Australian rapper say they two weren’t dating, Azalea also said she didn’t even know the NFL superstar. This, after Beckham Jr. took to Twitter on Wednesday to shut down the rumors as well.

On Thursday, TMZ caught up with the “Mo Bounce” rapper and asked her about the claims. “Literally don’t even know Odell Beckham,” she said. When pressed for more answers, Azalea insisted she didn’t know Beckham Jr. and said they were just at the same place together.

“He was at my friend’s party and we took a picture with a bunch of people,” she said. As for reports that claimed the two were “being romantic” and “cozying up” to each other, Azalea just shook her head no.

The New York Daily News reported on Thursday that Beckham Jr. had skipped organized team activities this week with the Giants and was spotted on Monday at an upscale bowling alley with Azalea. “They were with a small group of friends and rented the full venue out for their group, just having fun, bowling and eating throughout their visit,” said a Daily News source.

Like Azalea, Beckham Jr. quickly fired back at the rumors, taking to Twitter on Wednesday and tweeting, “‘If they don’t have a story these days they’ll make one… I might get that tatted #StayTheCourse.” TMZ also reported that sources close to Beckham Jr. denied any kind of relationship with Azalea, saying, “People will create anything.”

With a new album set to release in June, it appears Azalea may not have time for dating. Originally announced in 2015, the rapper’s upcoming album, “Digital Distortion,” has gone through multiple delays and the artist even scrapped an entire record.

“I promise you I had my whole record done and I scrapped the entire thing,” she told Zane Lowe of Apple Music. “It was good stuff, it’s not even that it was bad.” According to Azalea, the reason making a new album had to do with her breakup from fiancé Nick Young.

“I was talking about a lot of stuff on there and I ended up having a big break up and I just had a lot of life changes right before I was supposed to drop my album and I just felt like, ‘you know what? This is no longer reflective of what I want to say or what I want to talk about or who I am,’” she said.

The rapper also described the sound of her scrapped album, saying it came at a time when she was angry. “I think the first album, that I scrapped, was definitely very aggressive and angry and abrasive and that’s how I felt at the time… it was when I was in the pitfalls of controversy and my career was fallen off a cliff and I didn’t really know what was going on with that or if I felt like I wanted to make music,” said Azalea. “I felt angry about certain things and it was in my music, which is good, but I just don’t feel that way any more.”