Despite the prevalence of legal streaming services, more than half of millennials in North America still illegally stream content on a regular basis, according to a new survey conducted by marketing and surveying company LaunchLeap.

In a poll that asked 18 to 35 year-olds about their media diet, LaunchLeap found most millennials preferred the idea of streaming from legal services but still found themselves turning to pirated content to on many occasions.

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LaunchLeap found a majority of millennials—53 percent—cop to having watched illegal streams of movies or TV shows in the past month. That trails legal streaming services, which 70 percent of those surveyed said they have used over the same time period—but 48 percent of subscribers to at least one legal service still watch illegal streams.

Less than 30 percent of people have consumed media in a more traditional way—including 29 percent who have watched a movie in a theater; 24 percent who have watched TV show at the actual time of its broadcast; and just 13 percent who have sought out physical media like DVD or Blu-Ray.

Most of those who are willing to turn to illegal methods did so because it’s free. Fifty-five percent cited not having to pay as the primary reason for seeking out pirated content. Thirty-five percent said they did it because the content wasn’t available on a legal stream and they didn’t want to wait.

The survey also picked up on interesting bits about the attitudes of millennials toward watching illegal content. 61 percent of those surveyed did not view streaming illegal content as being wrong, while just 6 percent of people felt as though downloading illegal content could be justified. 33 percent of people thought both streaming and downloading is wrong.

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While one in three recognized consuming pirated content of any kind is wrong, almost none of the millennials surveyed felt bad about watching movies or TV shows illegally. 93 percent of those asked said they did not feel guilty watching illegal content.

Despite the reliance and acceptance of illegal streams and downloads, many millennials are turning more and more to legal methods. Sixty-two percent of people polled said their first instinct when they want to watch a movie is to open Netflix and search for it. Half as many people—31 percent—said they search for a way to illegally the movie.