• The NBA player married singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor in 2016
  • He assisted in home birth of both their daughters, born five years apart
  • Shumpert spoke to JoJo Siwa on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday

Former NBA player and “Dancing With The Stars (DWTS)” winner Iman Shumpert opened up about his participation in the home birth of his two daughters on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with guest host JoJo Siwa.

Siwa welcomed the Season 30 DWTS champion to the show Monday and asked him about his role in helping his wife deliver both their daughters at home.

The 6-foot-5 basketball star revealed that with their first child, who was born in 2015, he and his wife Teyana Taylor thought that she was having Braxton Hicks contractions but she suddenly realized that she was already going into labor.

“She just yells out, ‘Yeah, I think I see her head!'” he told Siwa, as per ET Canada.

Shumpert said he had to move fast to help with the home delivery saying, “I got it done though.” He adds, “I didn’t have to do much but catch, so don’t give me too much credit.”

Shumpert and his wife Teyana are parents to two lovely girls, six-year-old Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr. and one-year-old Rue Rose Shumpert who was born during the pandemic in September last year.

Last month, the basketball star and his dancing partner, Daniella Karagach were crowned winners of DWTS Season 30 after 10 weeks of competition.

Shumpert, who won a 2016 NBA champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers, referred to himself as an underdog in the dancing competition before emerging as its winner this year.

Shumpert and Karagach edged out Siwa and her partner Jenna Johnson, dancer and fitness instructor Amanda Kloots and her partner Alan Bersten as well as Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby and his partner Cheryl Burke.

Judge Len Goodman was quoted in the show telling Shumpert, “ You call yourself an underdog, sometimes underdogs bite back."

Siwa and Johnson, the show’s early favorites and strong contenders, took the second place followed by Rigsby and Burke and Kloots and Bersten as third and fourth runners up of the dancing competition.

Back in October, Shumpert and Karagach had everybody in awe of their dance routine on DWTS’ “Horror Night” to the tune of “I Got 5 On It.”

Shumpert and Karagach effortlessly moved around the dance floor and perfected several lifts with Karagach even climbing up Shumpert at one point and standing on his shoulders.

The duo wore red jumpsuits and kept their creepy act until the end and received a standing ovation for the performance.

See the pair’s breathtaking finale performance in the tweet below with the netizen writing, “omg iman shumpert just got a 40/40 on dancing with the stars. he's incredible."

Iman Shumpert Daniella Karagach Dancing With the Stars S30
Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach could be the next team eliminated from Season 30 of “Dancing With the Stars.” ABC/Christopher Willard